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I've checked my brain today - Have you?



Now what is that nut talking about today? Checking her brain? Well, yes, I really do and in a very pleasant but sometimes frustrating way. Along with my other addictions, I'm a Free Cell addict. Everyday now, I start my computer day with a few games of Free Cell. I find that if I am good and win most games, my thinking processes for that day are good, but as the verse goes, when I'm bad, I'm horrid.


Oh that cheer that may be piercing your ears? It means I have just one one which I almost gave up on. Sort of like stroke rehab - never give up




PS I guess Free Cell is only on Microsoft; not Macs. They may have the same thing but call it differently.



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I have a hand held free cell game that I used to play all the time. I never liked it as much because it wasn't colorized. They have a few different choices at the stores, for those free cell lovers on the go... smile.gif

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Very good idea, good prognosticator??? I've heard playing the kids video games like sno or skate boarding kind of ones, help with balance and stuff..hmmmm.... beer.gif

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