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A Survivor Again!!!!



I'm back as a survivor this time of having pneumonia and didn't know it. I'm willing to bet many people get it and don't know about it until way too late where it takes them out!! I never would have thought I had it but this was my first time to experience pneumonia in my life. No one in my family ever had it I know about. My mom had home remedies that cured about everything you would get as a child growing up!!


Chicken Pox or mumps and colds were about it as I grew up besides stepping on nails and glass cutting your foot with no shoes on your feet. We still never missed a day of school being sick for any reason. So my down time is over and I can get back to doing things I like.


I go on Monday to get scheduled for therapy once again if Medicare will approve it. With everything going on in Washington there is no way to tell what will happen with the budget again. I just hope for at least 8 sessions which is a month going two times a week. I was scheduled back in April/May but had my eyes done and had to wait before doing any physical activities.


If there is anyone that may not know about lasiz surgery on their eyes I can tell you it's OK, they take out the cataracts and put lens in the eye and you never need glasses again. However you will need reading glasses to see small print and reading anything printed like your bills, newspaper, labels, instructions on meds or you will need a magnafying glass.


Had I known that fact I would have kept my glasses for sure but they don't tell you that until after the operation by then it's too late you must go buy reading glasses! Then you got to get a case and take them with you everywhere you go because there is always something you got to read. You cannot see to read without the reading glasses period.


The computer, TV and things you look at are okay to see but writing you can't see without the reading glasses in my case!!! As we age 60 and above it gets harder to see small print without having anything done to your eyes anyway. I still have glucoma and drops morning and night to help that conditon. I suppose there is no way to get rid of that? The restriction on my drivers license was with glasses only but now I got Lens installed indicated on the license when I renewed them in July on my birthday for five years!


That's all the news for now except I got dropped from the VA in home care after I got my eyes done but my wife is trying to get me reenstalled for home care. That saves me a 25 mile trip driving myself to the VA for any appointments. I lost my aide I had too paid for by the VA so I must re-adjust all I do being home alone mostly every day in the week. But life goes on the way I know to do things for myself.


Afterall it will be ten years recovering for me on 15 January 2014 if I can stay healthy!!!!


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You are right, that pneumonia is very sneaky. I know people who went to the doc and thought they just had a cold, that were sent straight to the hospital, because they can't tell it is that bad - that's why they call that version 'walking pneumonia' because they are still up walking around, not realizing something is really wrong.


My husband was lucky that one of the technicians explained to him about mono-vision. They determined which eye was dominant for distance and which was dominant for close up, and they only fixed the dominant for distance one. The other eye was left alone and he reads with it with no problems. So the brain switches without you knowing it to use the dominant eye that focuses for distance or reading. I'm so glad he had that done, and is not stuck in glasses, one more thing for him to fool with.

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Fred: I am so glad you are back. So many of us were worried, even tho you let us know how things were going. Still you weren't here and what were we to do without our Fred! I do hope you are seeing to your recovery and good idea getting some therapy sessions in. Rest, hydration and some walks with the little puppy.


Fred, I had three pair of reading glasses with me on the trip to the Casino. I know exactly what you are saying. Get the cheap ones and stash a pair wherever you can. LOL Between Mary Beth and Bruce, I can't have too many pairs.


Please do see to yourself and recovery. Small steps and do let us know how you are feeling - Debbie

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I went in to therapy today got registered and my schedule for 7 more sessions (today counted as one) of PT and what ever else they have me doing for those one hour sessions! He did say my arm. hand, toot, and weak hip was causing me not to walk as I should be for now. He saw on the records where I was last there November 2012 and the year before that!!


So I'll try to get a bit better under his directions in four weeks twice a week sessions! With Medicare and our federal government like it is I just don't look forward to any more time after these first eight sessions are used up!


I can use any help I can get toward functioning better than I am now. I just sorta let myself go downhill somehow! My wife is trying hard to get the VA to reinstate me for in home care and get my lady back twice a week for awhile to see if I do better or not!


My biggest problem now is my knees and the arthritis making it real hard for me to stand up from a regular seat or chair in the doctor's office. Except for my scooter seat and my car seat any where else I sit I can't get up by myself including the church pews. That used to be very easy to do I'm getting older and stiffer legs is causing much of it.

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It had never really occurred to me that so many doctor's offices have chairs with no arms in them, until Bob's stroke. He NEEDS that arm to help push himself up. I hope you get a lot out of your sessions and you girl back!

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