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I'm Now In Therapy!



I have six more sessions of therapy that I'm hoping will help me walk better again. I didn't realize how much mobility I had lost. Not being able to step up or down on the curbs to go in a building or even my church steps which are a little taller than most steps.


Come to find out my muscles had contracted in my legs and feet and my weak arm and hand. I guess I had let myself go to much. So I'm hoping I can get up from a regular chair again, walk better, and not have problems trying to stand up from a sitting position.


I can see how easy it is to get out of condition when no exercise is done for the muscles. This is the first time I have done this while getting my eye operations and told not to do any lifting or exercises. I felt like the lens would pop out so that scared me some. I didn't want that operation again.


I hope all the pneumonia is gone from my lungs I used all the medications as instructed but my nose is still dripping a bit and all that med I have taken while the weather has changed some to cooler days and nights too! I don't have a follow up appointment scheduled but if I get worse I will return to the ER again for sure.


Meanwhile I will be in therapy trying to walk better then start using my exercise bike again to stay in shape a bit better! I know Medicare will not grant another 8 sessions of therapy with these halts on federal budgets spending in effect.


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It was important to be careful after your surgeries and pneumonia, but you are ready to go now! Hope you can get a lot of new ideas that you can continue with at home, after the sessions are done. :)

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Yes, Fred, six sessions of therapy is good. Add to that the ones the therapist has you do at home and you will be back in shape.



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Fred: I too was amazed at how much Bruce would lose when he could not work out everyday, walk his short bit and it was not for health reasons. Continue with your therapy, take all you can get. I know you are anxious to be out and about again, but you had a lot of medical issues and have to allow yourself that time to recover again.


Hydrate, rest, little walks with the puppy and a slow but steady progress. So glad you are feeling better. That was scary for all of us. Be well, Debbie

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good to see you past the pneumonia fred. wasn't aware that you had eye operations but now all of that is past and its time for exercises. 6 sessions is good and maybe they can tell you of things you can do at home which will be similar to the sessions. perhaps more important than the sessions themselves is our attitude, and yours is truly great! let us know how your sessions are coming. david

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Guest hostwill



you give a lot of advice about staying active. You have to practice what you preach LOL. You're in my prayers, my friend.


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