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I had OT Added To My PT Schedule Today



Well, well, they added OT to my PT schedule today so they must know Medicare will eventually pay them for the services they are providing me for these 8 sessions! I sure did need it with my arm and hand I guess I sort of let myself go more than I figured.


I'll get back on track and figure out a way to stand up from sitting without trying to push up with my good arm, that's killing my shoulder for sure using it to help me stand up. My knees are so bad already and the injections don't last long as they should. They hurt me so bad I could cry sometimes. I have to be careful where I sit down or I can not get up by myself.


My scooter seat is the right height I'm just having trouble standing up from a regular low seat of 22 inches which is standard.


<<<<<<A Big Update to my Blog today!! 3 October 2013>>>>


I'm in worse shape physically with my legs, knees, and ankles we discovered in therapy today. I may have to contact VA to find the right solution to fix the problem in my case!! The physical doctor was summoned to my side. We talked and had some agreements about what is next in my case!


"I'm in dire need of knee replacements." Yes both knees! The injections I have had is not working on the problems in my knees. The older I get the worse it will be until I'm not able to stand from any sitting position without having them replaced. Yes both knees!


Well I got the weekend to discuss it with my wife then contact the VA to get their opinions on what I should do! They wanted to replace one before but not both! One side of my body is paralyzed head to toe! I'm thinking if this doesn't solve my situation I could end up in a WC again!! Right now my mind says "No way!"


Then I must speak with my arthritis doctor that does the injection for his opinions in my case!! I got to do something or have something done!! I don't want to be house bound the rest of my life!


Any suggestions anybody??


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Hi Fred. I'm glad you got the OT also. In Medicare, they lump PT and ST together for the max benefit. That is why Larry maxed out on those therapies for the year. I guess we will now wait until next year.



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Fred i dont remember your exact age, but you are up there in years... I think you are doing fabulous !! stroke or no stroke - you are a really neat person !! nancyl

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And just think how it will be now with the government closed down for God knows how long! I bet those fraudulent store front operators will continue to operate with other folks SS numbers ripping off the Medicare??


I haven't been seen in over a year for PT so I should be good for a few more sessions I hope cause I sure do need them now!! My knees are so bad I can't stand up from a chair!

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Oh Nancy, I made 72 in July, that's an old buzzard don't you think?? I was just 62 when I survived the stroke and thank God my wife didn't leave me! Take care of yourself and Dan my friend in stroke survival!! Enjoy the new home!!

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Ha Fred, Ray just had an eval for OT Monday, and automatically it was eight sessions. And she said PT is coming too. I thought they were just going to come to see if he is "safe" by himself, which they were doing since they can't find him an aide; but no, they will milk it dry. What you gonna do? It's good to have a tune up once in awhile, I guess.

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