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A Stroke Is No Joke!



Well you guys and gals I really thank you for all your kind comments and especially the prayers you all sent my way. I thank you too for those I tried to say the right words to in getting them welcomed here on our support board when they were called Newbies as new members.


I don't know how it seems I got up from my stroke ahead of some other even after spending five months in the hospital and rehab to learn how to do things survivors are supposed to learn how to do for themselves quickly. Well I came home unable to walk with a cane but in a WC my wife had to push.


Shortly after that I started driving and could hardly walk. Let me tell all of you it will catch up with you one day. My blog this day is to confirm my abilities to function as before on my own is creeping away from me. It has been for some time now I just thought I would get better and stronger with a bit more therapy I'm taking now! THAT IS NOT THE CASE.


It could be to early to tell how my body is responding to my recovery process at this point in life but I tell you all I am much weaker than just last week and a couple weeks prior to then when I went to New Orleans with my wife for her sister's wedding! If I had that trip to do now I couldn't make it. My body is just too weak. My knees are shot even with the injections in my knees I get from my arthritis doctor.


I'm going to have to do something with my body to get better, feel better, and do better than I'm doing currently. Even just sitting up is painful. I can't sit in my computer chair I can't get myself up again. I'm using a taller stool with a back on it for now but still can hardly stand up from it the way my knees act.


I wanted all of you to know when you don't see me on the message board for a time now. Hopefully I will be between PT, in bed, or perhaps in the hospital trying to regain and recover my strength. I'm not convinced the pneumonia is completely gone from my lungs with that one seven day treatment of pills and no refills authorized.


All my esteem and some strength is gone and I don't want my wife to stop her job, I can stay home alone. She can not do much for my body in it's condition now! A stroke is no joke and we all act differently after having one or two and same with meds where they work differently as well.


Say a prayer or two when you can, meanwhile my own prayers will be to get better and back up on my feet soon. The little dog is here right by my side looking in my eyes as if to say Pa Pa what is wrong with you??


I got my cell phone and some of you got my number so pass it around and call anytime you want to excetp after 8pm. Right now I don't know if I'll be strong enough to make church services tomorrow (Sunday) or not but I will let you all know Sunday evening if I went to church, OK?


It's been nearly ten years since the stroke so I'm ten years older now at 72 and counting. Thanks for prayers in advance!!!! I hope all of you are doing real good!!




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Hello Fred, you have been in my prayers. Listen "do you". rest, think postive. You need more time to recover, time for the meds to work though your whole system. So, dont worry about the message boards, or you blogging, yes we miss you, but it is improant that you get better.


God bless



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fred, keep working on getting better, i can relate to you feeling that you are getting weaker, i'm not as old as you, but i feel like it some days. but we can never give up hope that we won't improve. illness can drain us of our energy, your pneumonia especially. maybe you should see your dr again, if you don't think you've gotten rid of it.

i will continue to send up my prayers. rest as you need to, you know how important that is to us.

eat well, keep the puppy by your side, my critters always make me feel better. we will miss you. when you feel up to it, let us know how you are doing.

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Fred, I know what you mean. After my stroke 30 years ago at age 30 I was so much stronger. For a long time I used my cane only in winter which I can not do now. I need it all year long. The older I get the more problems I have with my balance. Get well soon and please see your doc again. We are here waiting for you. Please update us as you can. All the best,



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