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Nice start to fall



While Debbie is mentioning winter coming, the weather here is perfect for the first days of fall. The weekend has been so nice with temps in the 70's. My flowers are still blooming even tho we have had little rain.


I was deciding what to do today since we had gone to church last night. Larry sang every song in church. This was good for his throat muscles and also good in many other ways.


The mornings are slow and we can't get out before lunch time it seems. Larry has to have his nap. So after the nap, I said we are going outside to enjoy this nice weather while we can. I took Larry to a park where we use to live in Creve Coeur, just 20 minutes away. There is a nice lake we use to walk around. I knew it would be crowded but we nabbed a handicap parking place. The lake was full of sailboats, kayaks and canoes. There were a few paddleboarders there too. The walking trail is full of skate boarders, walkers and bicycles. I had Larry in his WC. No way could he walk that far. The sky was so blue and water glistened. A nice way to spend some time. Next time, I think we will go earlier to avoid the crowds.


Happy fall,




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Jules: Bruce asked to take a short detour home from grocery shop just to "see the leaves." This is such a wonderful time of year here in New England. Everything now is just starting to turn and there is nothing as exciting for us anyway as the green with flames of red, orange or yellow going through and that is what we have right now.


Our two butternuts change first, but the sugar maples turn last making it very difficult for fall clean up. But a very rare weekend in that Bruce was out most of it. Just his time of year.


And really, a beautiful spot, nice weather and just some fresh air and sunshine. Nothing better. Debbie

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I think nature is a wonderful upper and those intune with out are happier people! We love the same thing, but are lucky to be very close too.


Fall has always been my fav time of year. When we walked into our current home (at an open house) we were immediately taken by the big windows in the dining room, overlooking beautiful trees. We can also see them from the tv room, off the dining room. Last year Bob told me, "I'd have never made it without the trees". I always wanted a sugar maple in my own yard... imagine my horror when the other house was up for sale and the little tree I had planted on the curb YEARS before, suddenly showed it's true colors and turne peach all over! Ack! My tree! Well, I guess they are enjoying it now, along with my burning bushes. Seems the trees that are actually OURS here, are old and kinda narly. BUT, our neighbors have beautiful trees that we see very well :)

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Read on a sign at a nearby school - "Fall is like a second spring where every leaf is a flower".


Our leaves do not turn until early to late October here.



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Yes, a change of the seasons are upon us in all parts of the country. Before we know it since time passes by so fast Christmas will be in the air and decorations going up in every home and town while the Fall season was just a couple days ago.


Time waits for no one!!

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My fave season in England was fall. The trees were red, orange, brown, and people wearing they jackets, and scarfs, and boots. Wonderful. Florida is cooler now, lots of heavy rain during the day.


Yes Fred, Christmas is coming. My Grandkids have told me what is on theirwish list! help!



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