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Well we have been watching baseball as our Cardinals are in the playoffs for the World Series. :goodjob: We beat the Dodgers twice and are now two games out to enter World Series playoffs. We play the Dodgers in their homefield tomorrow evening.



Today after Larry had his nap, he switched on the TV. I said "no, we are going for a drive". We went to Lone Elk Park where the deer, elk and buffalo roam. We saw bison, elk, deer and two raccoons. lol It was a beautiful day again. We won't get many of those in the next week or so. The temperatures have been high and low and night. Nice sleeping.


Larry is still not eating much. He sticks to the same thing everyday. He does drink his milk (I add the Benecalorie and extra milk powder), drinks the "Boost", same breakfast, oatmeal which I add butter to, milk, and lunch is ham salad everyday (which I add butter). Every day is the same. I am E Mailing his doctor as we do not see him until Nov. 1st. Obviously, the anti-depressant is not doing anything but making him tired.


Larry's retiree group is having a "get together" in two weeks at a restaurant. Since Larry cannot eat or won't eat, I am taking him early just to see everyone. The kids have always come over for meals but that is hard to do now also. It's the pits! :notfair: I just hope we can stay away from the feeding tube.


Anyway, it is a nice fall season so far weatherwise.




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Julie: our weather here is also nice - but days are cooling down. So you are right in that making it a priority right now to get out and enjoy the fall season is important. We have another action packed week ahead - LOL - but it will be nice to get out and enjoy.


Larry will enjoy his get together regardless of whether or not he eats. Just seeing his buddies, talking over "business", retirement. It will be great fun for him.


Go Cards! Debbie

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Dan has a fixation with mc donalds.... he would NEVER have eaten a hamburger there pre stroke- now it is our stand by--- ths consistancy of it i think is the draw.. it is the same - no surprises .. i imagine they know there are so many variables in life now that by choosing ( the very few things they can control) to eat the same old , same old they can at least eliminate surprises of "food" and they certainly do not derive the pleasure from it like the old days... another stroke loss...taste... so glad Larry has some plans he is looking forward to... nancyl

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