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We won game 6, on to the World Series! Yahoo!



While things are about the same for Larry health wise, we have been watching the Cardinals clinch game 6. We beat the LA Dodgers 9-0 last night. :jig:


We play the Detroit Tigers or Boston Red Sox next, whoever wins that title. Tickets for the World Series game are $300+ for standing room only to $5,000. We have home field advantage so the game will come back here Friday.


Go Cards!




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Please that your team is throught to the World Series. It is amazing how we get carry away with sports. This morning I was watching my team Man United soccer playing, I was shouting and my husband kept running in the room to make sure I was okay. I have been followering them for over 30years. They drawn, the other team scored in the last min. I am not a happy lady.



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Julie, it's going to be the Red Sox's is what Lenny tells me. He says they are "World Series Bound" soon as they finish off the Tigers!! Our own Lenny is a baseball Guru don't you know??


I think some of it is my prayers they win?? Lenny is getting my ticket for the World Series at Fenway Park!!


Prayer Time Julie!

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Fred, I forgot Lenny was a Red Sox Fan! Thanks for the "heads up".


Lenny, it looks like we are playing each other's favorite team as of last night.


I'm glad your Red Sox made it to the World Series. Hope we win. :)


Go Cards!



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I called Lenny this morning his wife said he was still asleep at 7am. I guess that Red Sox win knocked his shoes off??

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hi Julie I am so glad to hear that your team has a chance to win the world series title we all know what you and me will be watching that should be fun a very friendly rival of stroke members go red sox

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