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Perfect Fall Day



We had such a fun day today.


What a week and next week to be the same. It finally dawned on me - DUH - that so many of these appointments I scheduled around a caregiver here. Furnace cleaning, the windshields could have been done with a caregiver here. For some of the lesser appointments - just check ups - they often took Bruce. Now everything has to be scheduled when I am home, in the afternoons - when Bruce's schedule is the most rigid! But again, a learning process and I certainly will be more careful about scheduling stuff.


And I know we just came off an overnight to the Casino, but it was days of planning, packing, unpacking, taking both the scooter and the WC, snacks, reading material, packing pills.


So we decided to take a long ride and go to our favorite Lyman Orchards in the south central farm area. Now this is a huge area - they even have their own golf course. All the walkways are WC friendly. Obviously walking the actual grounds is better. They have a pond with a water fountain. This is all high end stuff. The do have the Orchard open to self-picking, but we just do the Farm Stand. All local produce and Connecticut wines. They have their own bakery and a huge Deli. They must outsource everything else and have their labels put on.


But this is a simple trip - toss Bruce and the WC in the truck and just go. We took all back roads of course. Our area is at about 1/4 turned, so a beautiful ride. And since this is their season, they have horse rides for the kids, a wagon drawn by horses, outside seating with little stations: carmel apples, our local New Haven hot dogs, ice cream, cider etc.


It was crowded of course, but I was amazed at how nice people were. People with children in strollers also have the same problem Bruce and I do. Bruce loves grocery shopping in general, but this is a real treat for him. He loves the marinade-salsa section. Since he does all the marinating now, had such fun picking out some different stuff to try. And Colleen has sent along some great dips and flavor offerings, he loved picking out different flavors to use. The cheese section is always great. Stuffed breads. Baked goods.


When we talk about putting aside a few dollars for fun trips, this is something I save for, so that he can totally enjoy himself.

We are out in the fresh air, sun. And what a perfect day. Last year we did it with Bruce's college roommate from California who was visiting. And the year before with Mary Beth, who was so disappointed to have missed it this year. And Bruce always picks out a bottle of Connecticut wine for me.


Just wanted to share. A day designed to have some fun and get us back on recovery track. Monday is Botox and Wednesday Diabetes blood draw. Plus his weigh in. We did the normal afternoon routine.


Lots going on in the neighborhood. New neighbors diagonally across the street. Rumor has it that house will be rented. Owners not to live there. And more tree removal next door. Bruce and I were talking about when he moved in here, it was new growth mostly. But that was 31 years ago Halloween. And with our horrid winters lately, everyone is trimming and pruning. When Bruce moved in here, he was the baby on the street. Not so anymore and all of us are nearing retirement - the cycle continues.


Carl found some wonderful stuff in the attic for Bruce to go through. It is amazing what we are unearthing up there. I am pretty sure I have all the tools now in one area. That is a Spring project because I want it contained to the garage. I have a nice large table that I will be able to set up and he can sort and organize. Carl wants to help in that apparently old tools are worth money. But I put two small boxes of "trinkets" out for Bruce after my welfare check on Friday morning and he went through all of it. Had a blast and no TV. Amazing. I think that is the end of the "fun" stuff - just books mostly now, I think - LOL. One never truly knows with a pack rat. But I must say there is more open floor space than items to sort through - finally.


Good weekend all. Just wanted to share. Debbie


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Debbie, I loved your description of the farm visit to Lyman Orchards, when I come visit can we go there? The whole day was such a success for both of you. I loved the Farm Shops I was taken to in England, we just don't have that kind of set-up locally, nothing like it that I have visited as yet.


I understand about you usually taking caregiver hours into account so you can do odd jobs. Maybe get a valet service, if you have that, to take your car next time? Or figure out who would take Bruce to medical appointments if you didn't have the time? There might be a need for some kind of casual caregiver to do those times when you really need to do odd jobs.

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That sounds like a great place to just walk around and sight see. We have Farmer's Markets here but nothing like that. Most are just produce. There is a big pumpkin display and corn maze around this time. I'm hoping our granddaughter will invite us with them this year. They also give hayrides but Larry would have a hard time with that.


We had a lot going on downtown with "Taste of St. Louis" where several area restaurants give out samples and food for sale. Usually they have 400,000 attend plus the Cubs in town.


Weather great so far.



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Sue: that is one of the places we take people to when they visit. Always a great fun day and usually snacks for later. One year we did an apple tasting and cheese selection when we got home. During the week, when it is quieter, people often go there for a sandwich and just sit outside for lunch. So absolutely, when you come - first on the list.


Julie: it is really just a high end grocery store - but they do cater to the public. And have made the most of the farm and orchard property. They used to have more tasting stations. I think most of it is outsourced now - not locally made.


But still, beautiful grounds. Weather was perfect. We got some chicken and pork today on sale and I could hear Bruce saying to himself that he was going to have to remember to use his new marinades. And that is exactly why I do it! Debbie

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Debbie, it sounds wonderfully. We just have a farm market, which my daughter and I love going. They have been given a new area, which is bigger, and now have people selling home made craft.


I love there to be more things like you mention, but we live near Disney, and they rule everything.



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