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Burn Out



OMG; Julie, if I do this again, please hit me one time upside the head, I will get it, promise! LOL.


Bruce's next Botox is Monday. He has been working so hard on the exercises PT gave him. His follow up Botox eval was not good and we were so hoping that Monday, Physiatrist would be pleased with the improvement from the exercises.


Next Wednesday is blood work for the Diabetes management. All of this was scheduled three months ago, so not like I didn't know.


But NO, Debbie has to push the envelope. The overnight at Foxwoods required a lot of planning. We did not grocery shop, so of course, needed fresh produce and meat.


Winter is upcoming, so planned on furnace cleaning and we needed some flue work, so that was all afternoon. Bruce did not nap - too much noise. I had to put him in the shower once the water was turned back on and that was the start of what is turning out to be a very difficult week.


Tuesday was the repair of the windshields of both vehicles. They did a terrific job. Changed the wiper blades, washed all the windows and vaccumed the front areas. Still again, no nap for Bruce. He did exercise.


Erma today. But I realized I have hairdresser tomorrow and will have to leave him alone, again after leaving him alone all morning. And while it is nap time, Bruce understands that I will not leave him alone in bed. So guilt charges in. I load him up this afternoon so we can get through errands. And I got take out lunch.


Carl and Debi to come for dinner tonight. Debi is not feeling well. But Carl says he will come and take out the AC. Furnace needs air filter change. Serviceman always did this for me. But I find out from Bruce that was because Bruce had a stash of filters down there. Well apparently we ran out of those. Repairman ran me through the change, but I can't get Bruce down there and Carl is coming, so of course had to get the air filters. I replaced it fine, but just the supervision from someone who knows what I am looking at.


So now, I have totally blown his diet and his exercise routine. Plus he is exhausted and confused from no nap. Tomorrow is to be the same and Friday we both have Eye Doctor at 1 pm. The hits just keep coming!


I am exhausted and I have to wait to medicate him for the night - LOL. All I want is to grab Kira and go to bed. Poor Carl, he thought he was coming to store two AC units. Ended up with three - he did not know of Mary's unit in the guest bedroom; locking down the windows - my hands are just too bad to do this; taking down three boxes of books and moving three more to the door and the furnace filter change. LOL good thing he loves us.


Saturday will be a down day unless I can think of something else to jam in there - LOL. Debbie


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Your are exhausted - geez I wonder why?? I was exhausted just thinking and reading of what you and Bruce do. lol


You do need a day off. Keeping the new routine of Bruce staying alone, being the organized person you are is a lot. Everything will calm down just breathe.


Hope your sister comes soon to take some stress off.




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Debbie :


wow I just got tired reading your chores & things to do. I guess no wonder I was not organized person prestroke you end up doing lot more chores lol. now post stroke I believe plan it & then just go with flow with how things unfold.



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Debbie, Iam tired and I was just reading your post,so I bet you are tired! LOL. Please slow down, I have learn to go with the flow, and I am so good now at that, I got training from my son. LOL I told him that he could get a degree in how to "relax, and dont get a headache over things".

I use to be "Ms have to do everything now", and my doctor and my son was "you have to settle down" and they both were right.

I know you want to keep a routine, but like you said, things happen, and it be alright. Remember you have to look after yourself, so you can take care of Bruce.



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Debbie, my days were sounding very much like yours, and I was feeling like I was going to die from exhaustion. I will make a long story short here, but I've been trying to make a reg blog on it, just never got up the energy. Anway, the short version, we cut Bob's therapy back from 2 days to 1 day, because there were too many appts and we were running ourselves ragged. Much of the stuff is things we can do at home, and he doesn't fight it. This also gives us more energy to actually have a REAL life. I had such horrible exhaustion I couldn't get over, and am finally beginning to feel like I might live afterall. :)


We have to loosen up some time in here, just to live our lives and not have all our time scheduled.... otherwise we actually miss the chance of living our lives.

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Thank all of you for your wonderful insight. A lot of this is my new schedule - working only mornings and no caregivers. I could have had a lot of this done with a caregiver here - no longer have that option. And that is when I realized this is a new life for me.


I will need all the help and tips I can get dealing with this new routine, so keep the advise coming. Debbie

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