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One-handed Computering



:geek: For all of those (like me) who have only one useful hand to use.....


If you are a Windows user (I don't know if Mac or Linux have this), There is a tool buried in accessories on W7 or hidden in the right screen search on W8 called "snipping tool". To make a screen print normally you would have to stretch your fingers from the fn key to PrtSc key - HA! No Way! With the snipping tool, you simply click it on, select new, the area size, and drag an + around the area using the mouse or touchpad, save, and you have a print saved in pictures. I was reminded of this while setting up my new computer with W8....I MUST have it!


I hope this helps others.......it is great for those confirmation forms and other non-email things you should/want to keep. :thumbsu:


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That just appeared on my computer and I had no idea what it was. I've been noticing more people using screen prints lately, so this must be why. Thanks for sharing!

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I don't know if I have ever needed or used what you are saying with my windows 7 set up. I had a pop up screen asking me if I wanted to download windows 8 and I Axed it out.


I'm OK for now with what I use and any more would just confuse me totally. I am not a computer person I just get by somehow. Never ever had any computer training just knew how to type on an electric typewriter in the Army Personnel school before computers came along.


I lucked out adding my picture on here and it still came out too big, oh well!!


What is the function of the Fn key?? I just found it right beside the Ctrl key!!

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Julie, you are lucky to have a computer that lasted so long, so count your lucky stars! Fred: function (fn) key works with the keys on top, F1-F2-F3 and so on. Each has its own function and pushing both keys at the same time enables that function. Play around with it, you won't hurt anything. Control key (CTRL) I use a lot, my favorite is pushing CTRL and F at the same time, that is called Control F. A little box will pop up on top of the page and you can type a word in it, then that word will be highlighted everywhere on the page. So you don't have to scroll through the page slowly, what you're looking for just pops out at you. I'm always going 100 MPH so I love it!

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Thanks for clearing that up Stingray. I found that if you right click on the W8 charms page, "all apps" appears at the lower right corner and all of the tools are listed in there.


Julie....you have one of the best systems Microsoft ever made! Keep it running!


Fred, if you are happy and can do all you need to....good for you. I was trying to help those who have problems like myself or who don't know about this dohicky or where to find it. I just got my first W8 and had to learn what it had and where to find things.

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