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Gracie makes me proud!



:) Really...........I don't make this stuff up!


Gracie took a moment at lunchtime to look up punctuation on wiki. I guess she wants be sure to write her messages correctly. Mind you, I do not have wiki in my bookmarks, apps, or history (until now) so, she had to find it.


I'm proud to have a cat that cares about her writing more than most people do. lol


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Wait a minute Sally, now I had a stroke too like you! Plus I think I been in this old world a few years longer than you and I never heard of a cat being this smart...Please tell me you are just kidding if you don't tell anyone else!!


I mean it's a good thing and Dr. Seuss knows about cats! I'm going to give up my degree if your Gracie knows your computer that well!!! TELL ME ONLY YOU ARE KIDDING!!

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I'm not kidding Fred. She typed a message onto my thank you note (about computer) that said "li;jk" sure looks like "like" to me and that's what my friend thought, too. Cats are smart. This one is a techie while, others had different leanings.


I even know what she's saying...different words for different meanings; she converses. There are different words for no, yes, maybe, food, out...... Don't give up your degree - they haven't taken over, yet.

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