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i got hit by a van



I decided to return back to work this week so I bought a bus pass instead of driving. I was about to cross the street at the cross walk. It said walk. I took a few seconds to look to my left and right to make sure no one was making right or left turns and began to walk with 12 seconds left. As soon as I began to start walking I seen a big van approaching me on my left side. "WAIT!" I screamed. but it was too late. I fell over to my right side in the road then rolled over in agony. The driver got out and called 911 and witnesses began to direct traffic and see if I was okay.


I got all my clothes cut off and was rushed to the ER. Fortunately my CT scan didnt show any internal bleeding and my x-rays only showed an old fracture in my lower back . I could not move or walk at first. It hurt to breathe. My lower back, hips, and left leg felt horrible but after the pain pills and morphine I didnt care about the pain. It sucked because I couldnt eat anything all day yesterday until around 8pm and they'd been giving me meds all day on an empty stomach so my stomach has been killing me all day today.


After they discharged me, I came back to Fayetteville with my dad so he could look out for me. It still hurts to move and I cant bend or lift more than 10 pounds. I think I am just going to move back here to Fayetteville. I dont understand why so much keeps happening to me. All Im trying to do is live my life and not let everything stop me. I wasnt jaywalking trying to go somewhere inappropriate. I was at a cross walk trying to make it to work. I was trying to take the safe route by NOT driving. It just doesnt make sense like God is just picking on me.


I have nothing tying me down to charlotte like close friends. I have no family there. Im not crazy about my job. and it seems like everything is hassle when it comes to going out. I can drive but traffic drivers/pedestrians are crazy there. I can take the special transportation van but it was always late picking me up and dropping me off. And taking the city bus is the cheapest "safest" option but ever since I moved my bus routes near my apartment are closer to uptown and longer and more confusing. I either end up walking a long ways to/from my apartment to catch the main routes or standing outside the street in the dark waiting for the community bus that stops right in front of my apartment but only makes stops every hour.


If I move back here to fayetteville I will keep my car and try to be roommates with my cousin/bestfriend that way I will still feel independent, wont be moving back to my sad depressing bedroom in my dads house, and will have family to help.


The wonderful OT is the main thing I will miss about charlotte but I have my e-stim, have my splints, have my exercises, and if I quit my job and go back on disability I will have time to really exercise. As far as my job I hate to quit after just getting promoted but I have been missing so much time from work and I feel like my supervisors dont want me there anymore because they keep trying to convince me stress from the job is whats causing the seizures although I keep telling them Ive been in more stressful situations (COLLEGE) and would usually only seizure on my days off from work when I been laying in bed all day.


Well I will let you guys know how things go and how the case goes if I can sue the driver that hit me. Im just trying to be strong


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Oh honey: I am just so thankful you are OK and someone is watching out for you. Go easy right now. No rash decisions. Take the time to rest and heal. And get over the emotional reaction.


Be well. Debbie

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Katrina :


I am so glad you are ok after accident. I also got hit by car while walking on walkway. luckily no injury for me too though body ached for couple of days due to the fact how I must have went down on floor. I also agree with debbie about taking any rash decision after your accident. give yourself time to get over your whyme phase. based on all the things all of us gone through its safe to assume our job on earth is not done yet.So just keep on trusting God that something good will come out of this new ordeal even though you can't see it right now



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Katrina, I'm so sorry you were hurt. My prayers are with you for your recovery. Take it easy and let your body heal.



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Katrina, thank goodness you are ok, and God is looking out for you, it could have been worse.


I agree with Debbie, take our time, when we are upset, we make decison, without thinking then throught.


My Mom would say to me " everything happens for a reason, at the time we just cannot see it.


All the best



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Katrina, sometimes life hands you some tough moments. Keep looking after yourself, don't worry too much and leave some time before you make life-changing decisions. I know you feel discouraged right now and rightly so but sunshine comes out after the storm clouds roll away.



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oh my dear - you certainly are being handed some tough stuff lately.. I know how that feels ( getting handed tough stuff) -- only you can make the decision to move or not... pros and cons both ways-- but as Sue advised take a little time to decide.. nancyl ---

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Sorry to hear about your accident sweetie! Hope you get better quickly and I will be keeping you in my thoughts and prayers!

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OMG poor Katrina! It didn't have anything to do with you - they would have hit anyone that was there at that time....you just happened to be the one. Are they being charged (I hope)? Be sure you file a claim against them with their insurance company! It sounds like your plan is a good one....best of luck. I hope there is no unseen damage and feel better soon. :)

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