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Getting to dread the mail



This is more a moan than a complaint. Will the darn bills ever stop coming! (moan, moan)


It has been over 8 months since my escape from the hospitals/rehabs/doctors/therapists and today I received another first billing! This doc I haven't seen since December!


What takes them so long (?)....the last first billing was marked "final bill"! I know the gov is slow but, still - this is ridiculous!! Every time I think "ah, now I have them all", another one comes in the mail. The worst part is I am still paying for the air ambulance that flew my late husband and that happened in March 2012.


I would love to know I have received ALL of the bills I have to pay so, I knew what I was doing. Dividing up the amount I can spend on these bills gets harder with each new one.


There are too many people happily and thoughtlessly spending money that isn't theirs when we get ill.....it's ours! Even though co-pay is only 20%, on big bills - it comes to quite a lot! Maybe, congress should think about doing something about the source of these bills instead of socking it to the taxpayers that have to pay for them or the insurance premiums! (rant) Is surviving so great if you can't afford it?


I'm done for now...thanks for listening. :)


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I've learned not to pay them, just keep calling and documenting; until the day comes they can prove it's 100% legitimate. As often as not, it's a mistake. But the left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing, unfortunately. I'm still getting bills from June 2012, it's some kind of threshold deal, so after 12 visits for anything you need an override; I know more about it than my doctor's billing office.

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Yes, I have learned to sit and wait also. Bills denied by Medicare are resubmitted many times, plus they have to go through our Medicare Supplement Plan. It's a nightmare trying to call Medicare anyway. Larry just got two refunds of $50 each for overpayment of therapy from November. I just took it to the bank as it was too confusing to figure out.



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