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No bills in the mail yesterday!



:goodjob: For one day my mail didn't consist of bills, donation requests, and catalogs! I got a notice from good old Publisher's Clearing House that my entry form is on the way! :lolu: AND it was delivered with a laugh and a silly comment by my mail girl! It was nice hearing "we want to give you something" instead of "give us your money" even if my cat has a better chance of winning than I do!


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its most suspicious when someone says "I want to give you something". it does not get opened!


I fell into a "honey trap" in Athens by a stranger coming up to me and saying he just wanted to talk to me over a cup of coffee. now really, why would a stranger want to talk to me(lol). know better now, he didn't! fortunately I got out with only a loss of $200 but was lucky no physical damage. it was a good learning experience and actually kind of cheap at that!



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