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Ready for Halloween! ha-ha



To go shopping this morning, I dressed warm.....it was a cool 58. I donned my Halloween spooks and pumpkins sweatshirt, my AFO which makes me Frankenstein walk, and a glove to keep my hand warm (needed even before stroke) but,.............the spastic fingers of my hand would not go into the glove's fingers so, I had floppy fingers on my glove like Howie Mandel's rubber glove hat. Quite a sight! :lolu: I think I will have to stick to a mitten from now on. :)


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Larry too cannot wear a glove with fingers on his affected hand. We have mittens now plus they are warmer than gloves.


Hate the thought of bundling up again.



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Bruce's fingers don't extend, so I only have to worry about covering the fist - glove or mitten work.


I love Halloween. Favorite holiday. Glad you are in the spirit. Debbie

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Sally, I'm glad you brought this up so I have time to think about something for Bob this winter. He usually stays in the winter, since his stroke, but there may be a need to go out, and I need to be ready for that. Also, sometimes it is actually quite cold, without being slippery. Thanks for the heads up!

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