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:happydance: Yesterday morning I sold the car! ,A great way to start/end the week! Everyone was happy, I got my asking price (lower than it was worth) and I watched it drive away with a tear in my eye. I will miss seeing her outside my window - I really liked that car.


Now, I have the money to prepay my funeral arrangements so that my well meaning friends can't screw that up unless they stand upwind. lol It will be "Happy Birthday" to me!


Now, I can concentrate fully on the other things I have to do. :D


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well now you they "authorities" cant ticket the car..... and taking are of funerla arrangements is a great idea, one i should think about.... someday when i get time and money --both commodities..nancyl

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Yea, I guess since you were not driving the car that was the way to go. I did the same thing with my MC since I couldn't ride it anymore. I had it because I had the motor home. I sold it too and bought my home after I got married.


Now I have to go to the National cemetery to register as a disable veteran and pay for myself and my wife sometime this month I hope. They require so much paperwork to prove you are a veteran and legally married!


I guess you can't bury a girlfriend in there you have to show a marriage license and military ID as your dependent.

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