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Okay....lock me up , if you want but, I swear this is true!


Saturday, I asked Gracie "why won't you finish your lunch?" - like I expected an answer! lol


I swear she said in understandable people english: "I don't want to!"


I'm being sassed by my cat!! in my own language!! She then sauntered to the door and said "out".


I wish I could claim insanity but, I may be crazy but, I'm not insane - yet.


She has also taken to standing upon the narrow railing and banging on the door then looking in the door window. If I don't come fast enough (most of the time...considering I'm so slow), she yells for me. I have to verbally answer her knocking or she gets very impatient.


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Sally, your Gracie is only being how she was with her prior family before you rescued her and gave her a better life which she thanks you for so much now.


You may get to a point in your life where you understand her more and she will be the same for you too! Who knows, you may just have a jewel there with you.


Hey you could become a cat woman and make plenty money some day. All the best to you and Gracie and remember I got a little shih Tzu almost as smart that goes anywhere I go in Texas since I got PTSD approved by our Governor.

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Guest lwisman


You are not crazy. My cat, Cleo, also manages to let me know what she needs. For example, when she is out of food she meows and walks to the doorway where her food is served. Cats are smarter than we think. If you pay attention they do tell you things.


It is great that she has decided she can communicate with you. It shows her trust in you.


Here is hoping both of you have a great day!

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