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Sometimes I just sit and think about how blessed I am. It is okay to vent and moan and I do when things go wrong but I also need to count my blessings. A lot of people my age do not have grandchildren. Due to a lot of different circumstances. Some have grandchildren and never see them. I have been lucky so far, I do see my seven grandchildren on a regular basis but I do know that circumstances can change.


At one stage my Mum and Dad had two daughters and seven grandchildren they hardly saw as I lived 10 hours by car away and my sister lived in Tasmania so my parents had to fly down there. It could happen to me anytime. There are plans in the pipeline for both of my sons to move away next year, that will make me sad I know. But for now I just wanted to say: "Thank you for giving me my lovely grandchildren."


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My Mom is SO ecstatic that she now has four great grandchildren, with two more due in January. Like a cascade! Ages newborn to four years old.


The rest of us are just thrilled with the generations that will continue the family history. In the end, that is more important that any one person.


Love the photos Sue, thanks for sharing!

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Hi Sue, i too, enjoy my grandkids. They keep me young! Tonight I was with them. We went to a book sale, both of them loves reading. My daughter loved reading when she was little, and she has past it on too her kids. She is a single mom, and I help any way I can. I have them this weekend, looking forward to that.


Love the photos Sue.



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