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Eight Boxes to go!



LOL: I have created a monster!


The sorting and clean out continue, around a very busy schedule. We are both exhausted and this is just normal stuff - appointments, groceries, errands. But I think like a lot of us here, this is just such a beautiful time of year - especially here in the Northeast. And the weather has been perfect. It is important that we try to get out every afternoon, regardless of what we are doing, because this will come to an end soon enough.


But there are still those four hours in the morning. And the difference in Bruce is amazing. He had a Dentist appointment this afternoon and after dinner, I asked; as I always do, "what is on your agenda tomorrow?" Bruce's answer is "my boxes!"


Bruce has kept very little. I am amazed at how selective he is being. But the next two huge boxes are Art books. These are your over-sized "coffee table" books that don't sit on any bookshelf properly. They are meant to be displayed and in the past we did that, but we no longer have coffee tables - LOL.


I had forgotten about them until today. When I got home Bruce had a Georgia O'Keefe in the save pile. Both Bruce and I worked in Graphic Arts. Between the two of us we produced many of these and of course, as the Production Manager of the project, received a copy. I know Bruce will want to keep all of these. I'll wait until he is through all of it and decide what I am going to have to do. Personally, I would donate them, but not my decision - LOL.


The amazing thing is how he looks forward to doing this now. Saturdays we drop off the donations. I have to make sure I get the recycling out on Thursdays for pick up.


Seems like everyone on the street is involved in projects. Cliff is taking down the last tree that hovers over the power lines, Gloria must be redoing a room. Next door also taking down trees and I think one of the kids is moving, so maybe a clean out of his/her bedroom. We all call the group home next street over when we are putting out stuff they may be interested in.

So it has also been fun to be out and conversing with neighbors. Time will come when we are calling to make sure everyone is OK and has everything they need. Right now, it is fun stuff.


I will share that there was a collection of volumes about growing up in Appalachia. I think he may have been using this to teach, but all five volumes are there - one not in really good condition, but readable. He says to leave them handy. He wants to get through them this winter. So all good news. Debbie


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Funny how you spend your younger years collecting "stuff", then you go over the hump and spend the rest of your days getting rid of it! Since Ray's stroke, I have been on a mission myself, and it feels SO GOOD!

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Wonderful progress, and kudos to Bruce! Wish I could get mine tore thru as fast. I did a little tearing in the kitchen boxes last night. But I wonder ... when the boxes are done.... ?

I think of it like a big crochet or knit project, you work on it with zeal, and when it is done, you feel lost without working on it. So, I'm guessing, if all the boxes get done, he may feel at loose ends. Just a heads up.

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I am happy I delivered our big Christmas tree to the thrift shop this week. I wil miss it but will get a more manageable one. I have a lot of ornaments from our travels so will have to consider that. I will go through our Christmas decor next to weed out what I can donate. It is a good feeling to clear out things you no longer can use or want. I know the kids will be grateful for the more we get rid of the less they will have to deal with. My son just could not let go of some things of his dad's when we moved from our home of 38 years. He later decided on his own he didn't need the stuff and got rid of it himself. Hard to let go but "you can't take it with you" in the end.



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Sandy: the one thing about a pack rat is there is always another project - LOL. He has two four drawer file cabinets in the basement - I think his teaching stuff, the bags of tools to sort through. Two hanging files of his music and then his desk, which I think are his notes and outlines for his writing. And after that the record albums and cassettes.


Julie: I did that with the Christmas ornaments after the first year. Kept only the special ones. I donated them to Big Brothers-Big Sisters and you would have thought they were gold. Apparently that is an item that is much appreciated. And really it was only colored balls I used as fill in and some garland. Some knick knacks and candle holders. Being a nurse, got a lot of stuff like that over the years and it was nice that someone appreciated getting it and being able to pass it along to someone who has nothing.

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I have nothing constructive to say - i am not much of a hoarder--- so i will say this 7,6,5,4,3,2,1 now dont be accumulating LOL.....

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LOL: the Accumulating Days are over! But I will tell you, I am at the very back of the attic. This is stuff I am sure I have never seen and based on the weights of some of these, not books either.


Oh, and one box is ANOTHER set of Harvard Classics - set number 4!, so that is one he does not have to do. The one coming down tomorrow has a mirror on top and a box of some type of wire - God only knows - LOL. Debbie

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