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Last two attic boxes coming down tomorrow. These are smaller, but they were also the furthest buried. My bet is probably Bruce's grammar school boxes - LOL.


We are finding some really neat stuff. There was a collection of antique pad locks - with keys. And a really pretty - small antique mirror - intact. Very heavy - border surrounding it is cut glass. Very retro. That heavy box I told you about was a clamp of some sort - in its original box. Like to hold wood you might be cutting and a set of pipe wrenches. If there is one honing stone, there are 10. And what Bruce called a Circular Saw. I didn't bring that down. Will move it when the tools get organized.


In doing all of this, I was setting aside things to donate when I realized my nieces may be in apartments of their own soonest. So I'll sweep out that attic now that it only has ACs in it and start the donation pile up there. That way if the girls want some of this stuff, it is handy.


We'll be taking a break for a bit. Have to get the deck cleared and outside water shut off for winter. All the furniture and lawn stuff stored away. Bruce has to pay bills this week and we have errands we have been putting off. Next week I will have him start and go through all his "saves" and get them into his container. Then we will have room for the books he wanted to keep.


The very best find was Brittany's Golden Books - small collection. She took most of her stuff after College, but she must have left these. These are the little flat square ones. I wiped them down and we are going to wrap them up and give them to her for her birthday. They will be perfect for Izabella and Britt will enjoy explaining that they are Mommy's!. Debbie


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Going through boxes some months after Ray died I found some more Little Golden Books. We always had a lot of kids books and the little boys and Naomi on the rare visits, still go through them and find some to read or have read to them.


When the roof is back on I will go through the cabin again as I want to clear some of the rooms in the house so I can get them painted and refurbished. Good idea to save some of Uncle Bruce's stuff as keepsakes for the next generation.

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Debbie, how I wish I was as organized as you, man I can't even keep the garage cleaned out and in some kind of order looking arrangements. I can never get items where I want them to remain.


Congratulations on your organizational skills.

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Nancy - well the attic anyway - LOL.


Fred - the advantage I have is no one is touching anything after I get it organized. The stuff I need and are comfortable with, I already have organized. It is the only way I can work. But once I get the books, tools etc all in one place, unless someone needs to borrow something or we are selling it, no one else is moving anything.


Also I have to think like a lot of other caregivers here. If we have to or chose to make a move down the line, all this will be taken care of and what is left here in the house is the stuff we will want to take with us.

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