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Winding down for the season



So we finished up the few cartons of books and did the last run to the book drop Friday past. While I was unloading, the pick up driver arrived. Nice guy and he helped me. But he did say "Oh, you are the ones!" LOL. I assured him that we were done.


Bruce calls me over to his window, holds up his left hand and says to me "please check the boxes for my wedding ring!" Great! But St. Anthony was with us and there it was in the second box. We drove directly to the Jeweler. Got it back this week and it isn't going anywhere now - LOL.


I swept out the attic, added some insulation where it was light and started to move stuff up. I set up a small area for medical equipment we are currently not using. This cleaned out Bruce's office. Another area with some older, antique pieces. And then the donation area - good stuff that can be used by the girls setting up their first apartments. Whatever they don't want, goes to donation. Over the past weekend, I worked in the cellar. Stuff there went right into the truck - luggage, hampers, generic framed pictures, which were probably in Bruce's first apartment - LOL, weights. I know this stuff was OK to go. That cleared one side of the basement. I cleaned it up, organized what was left on that side. Looks so nice.


This week we worked on the figurines,memorabilia - dust collectors, if you will. None of this stuff is a toss. Most were gifts, but Bruce really could care less and I am not paying someone to keep them clean. I wrapped all of them and up they went into the attic. If Bruce wants something specific, I know right where it is. I cleaned out the downstairs linen closet and Bruce helped me get all the stash from the pantry into the linen closet. This cleared out two bookshelves where I could finally put his "saves" away and get his office back in the shape it was in pre-stroke. Bruce reminded me that he has not been in there in 4+ years. Access for Bruce would have to be through the garage at this point - only one step but I don't see that happening anytime soon. But he designed that office and decorated it himself. All his writing is in there. I can only hope that one day he will ask to get back in there.


Today I applied for personal Health Insurance through the Affordable Healthcare Act website. If approved, I will save over $350.00 a month. My personal thanks to Colleen and everyone here who paved the way for me and advised what I needed to have available to do this. Took about 2 hours to complete. I found the site very user friendly. You all know I am not good with computers - LOL.


I reached the month milestone on the smoking cessation. Rewarded myself with some Halloween candy.


We have some clean up left and putting the storage bins away. We are going to take another trip up to the Casino and then I promised Bruce some down time and just enjoying the holidays. Last year was upset by the wedding, of course. Dietician gave us some healthy cookbooks and Bruce says he will help me learn how to bake. I want to concentrate on our family traditions: good food, friends in, music; maybe some easy entertaining. Been a while but hoping it is time. Debbie


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Well done. You have done it, you have vanquished the BOX DEVIL. I think it is the look of them with me but as the cabin has a lot of boxes in there and they have to come out so the carpenter can move around I will need to have them brought down to the house and that is when I will have my throwout. I agree with the recycling, there will be some of that too.I can just imagine how much space you have saved.


We had one step out of the bedroom to the back room and we ramped it. By putting a rail lengthways down the doorway in between Ray could either push himself up using the wheelchair wheels or haul himself up using one hand. Eventually we carpetted over the step so it wasn't so obvious.

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congrats on the smoking ( or lack of) !! and wow bruce and the ring.... GOOD CATCH BRUCE !! and what are you gonna do with all the space you have created ?? smile right.... have a great day !!! nancyl

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I hope all goes well with the new insurance especially when you can save money you don't have to spend but still have health care! I still got my Army insurance which is called Tricare For Life and covers me and my wife but it cost me 68.00 a quarter for her. I'm free because I'm a hundred percent disabled and I got Medicare.


My big sights were that all people should have some kind of insurance and I thought the Obamacare was just that for everybody who didn't have insurance!

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Great job Debbie, with getting the boxes taken care of, and stop smoking! You can do it! I had stop smoking over 30years, yet a doctor told me that he could still see the damage on my lungs!


I am please that you have saved money on the AffortableHealth Care Act, good to hear some good things about it.


Fred, it is for people who have no insurance, and for people who have a medical condition and could not get any insurance.



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Sounds like you are getting super organized! Just imagine if Bruce had not missed the ring right away! Oh my, so glad he did and it was easy to find!


Is there a conversation somewhere about the info you got from Colleen about the Affordable Health Act? Please direct me to it, I think many of us here may need that info.

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Sandy: two threads running in the Forums: Under Stroke Caregiver, Healthcare and Concerns and another new one from Colleen, under Stroke Survivor, Community Discussion.

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Just posted another one in the same place, but it's about getting divorced to get a better healthcare deal, so it's not for everyone! Talk about thinking outside the box!!

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