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The Holiday Season



Well, its been busy. I am determined to have wonderful holidays this year. I had to cut so much back last year with the wedding. Also as people pull away and we see them less and for smaller amounts of time, it is obvious that Bruce and I have to establish some traditions that are special to us.


I have never been a baker. Yes, I am a great cook, but Bruce says I don't bake well because "you won't follow the rules" - LOL. In other words, I try to bust Chemistry. I have been known to substitute just about anything that even slightly resembles what I am supposed to have. Once, about 17 years ago, I made cookies that even the babies wouldn't eat. Mary Beth gave them to the puppies next door - even they wouldn't eat them - LOL. So Bruce has been helping me. At first he picked simple recipes and watched every measurement and ingredient. My work loved it - what else does one do with six dozen cookies and a Diabetic? But after that first week and with some help from Colleen, we are doing treats that are more healthy - with the proper substitutions.


We have a little extra this year so able to do some small gifts and Bruce said it would be great to add some cookies as well. His Mom was a great cook and baker and I think he is just happy to share some of her secrets. As we did more, he contributed more. He is also the official "taster" - LOL.


Another great idea of his was to start sharing the top to our wedding cake. We were meeting up with his best friend and wife at Foxwoods and Bruce suggested bringing them slices of the cake. What a hit! We laughed all afternoon at the memories and Paulette could not be more appreciative that we even thought of doing that for them. We are dropping off a birthday present tomorrow and will include their slices. I know the response won't be the same, but really it is the thought. We were able to give two dozen Oatmeal Raisin cookies to thank our beloved Dan for doing our gutters!


We are cooking for Thanksgiving. We have invited a few. Obviously told everyone they are welcome to stop in. I am taking the entire long weekend. We have crumpets frozen, ready for coffee. We are making a pumpkin bread, pie and brownies for afternoon drop-in visits. And yes, doing the whole turkey dinner, regardless of how many for dinner.


Foxwoods overnight was great. Yes, Nancy, you were right. Much easier second time around and Bruce was much more comfortable. Part of that may have been having Don and Paulette there for lunch, but even in the room, he drove in and just kind of set his things where he wanted them, opened up the window. At one point I asked him if he wanted the TV remote and he said "no, just here with my magazine and the window is fine."


We are still cleaning out and organizing in the house. Amazing how much room we are gaining and it will make it much easier if someone has to come in and deal with this. Erma is even making suggestions and often stays a bit over to help me. Finally have all those leftover parts that you are supposed to keep in case a tile or siding needs replacing, in one area. Didn't know roof tiles were that heavy - LOL. And working on an area of the cellar that was my area to store stuff. Now going through it with a very critical eye.


Bruce seems to be enoying all of this. He certainly is more vocal. He always offers to help or be involved somehow. Today I left him with all the bills, checkbooks, bank statements. We do "paperwork" twice a month and he helps. He had everything opened and organized when I got home and had balanced the smaller checkbook. He likes to brainstorm with the recipes, but always has some suggestions to start with. I think making choices is empowering.


Yes, a lot of work. Projects I would not choose just for myself (personally I can get cookies at the bakery if I want them - LOL). Plus planning, prep. But such a difference in Bruce. I certainly know by now what he was NOT going to do. Nice to have some things he asks for and seems to enjoy. Debbie


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Wow! You have so much more to celebrate again this year other than the coming holiday seasons. You are getting out with Bruce, he is staying alone, and he is a happy camper and doing so much more. This is all thanks to you and your hard work and organization. You can hug Bruce and pat yourself on the back and enjoy!



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Debbie, I can say from my experiences with wives over the years it's all in the spoken

words of love in any marriage new or old! That's when you know the marriage has jelled


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