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Holiday Prep



So, as usual, things going along nicely, one let's one's guard down, and WHAM, right up side the head! And it is not like I have no advice in this regard. I have wonderful Mentors who have been caregiving a lot longer than I have.


I had to extend my Chantix for the not smoking another 4 weeks. I do not consider this a failure. The prescription runs 12 weeks for a reason. But the drug also has its own side effects. I did have to tweak my dosing and was so hoping that the first 4 weeks would get me over the withdrawal and that would be enough for me to be able to manage myself. Then the stressors kicked in and I just added the next four weeks. I was way to close to failing.


This brings me to the reason I chose to blog. You all know I am a Nurse, but this is now the second time along this journey I have run into medication issues and it took a while for me to figure it out. About 3 years ago, Bruce's Baclofen was increased. Baclofen is an anti-spasm medication for working muscles. Bruce was also on Ditropan for incontinence due to bladder spasms. The bladder is smooth muscle. It took 9 months and a Urologist to figure out that when the Baclofen was increased, so should have the Ditropan been increased. And truly when the incontinence became out of control, it was our Jen (caregiver) who said "Debbie, it has to be the medication change."


Last month when I picked up the Ditropan refill, half the bottle was the usual blue pills and the other half a white pill. A week ago, while away, we started the white pill. Saturday there were some issues, but I didn't think too much about it - we were out on errands a bit longer than usual. Sunday again. Monday twice. He can't explain why but is very upset. So today I drove the pills to the pharmacy. Yes, they are Ditropan but a different manufacturer. Pharmacist will be ordering the blue pills for Bruce. I don't care about extra cost. This has been way too long and stressful a haul to get to where he is only incontinent when he sleeps. He even cuts down on naps to avoid this! Ditropan, at his dosage, is available in delayed-release; one pill a day. I have avoided changing anything for this exact reason. But at this point, maybe I should consider it. Would certainly avoid substitutions in the future.


Bruce is now working on Christmas cards during the day while I am at work. Today he told me he'd like me to wrap and sort with him. Normally I would do this upstairs so I could leave the mess. But he is so into the holiday preparations. We picked up the last of the Thanksgiving supplies. We still have some cookies to bake, but weekend is to be very cold, wet weather; so am saving that project.


Bruce has always loved this time of year and these holidays. Last year I was a bit remiss and am trying so hard to make this year special. Part of the stress is realizing and accepting that people are drifting off, returning to their own priorities and lives. We have had several cancel at the last minute and while that messes me up as far as help, it really upsets Bruce, who is just looking forward to the visit and the company. I spent the last few nights Emailing all the local people letting them know our plans and that all were welcome to visit. I only pray that some will. And Bruce's Godson has offered to push him in a road race this coming weekend.


We do have some snow predicted for Sunday. We had a dusting last Saturday, so winter is upon us. Debbie


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I am in VEGAS with a girlfriend also a nurse -- and i just talked to her about the same subject ( before reading your blog)subject being - when they change the med manufacturer .... dans lamictal went from blue to white -- havent notices issues - except Mr. pill counter noticed and wants to know what is up with that ?? ( in so many gestures and words) that can be confusing to our loved ones... - so got ya, babe and the irony .. of it just be a subject for us maybe 20 mins before i seen your blog... HANG IN THERE WITH THE NO SMOKING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Debbie, as I have said before, you do so much with working, taking care of Bruce, the house, Kira, and now trying to quit smoking! You are doing great and Bruce is also. Look at where you were last year at this time. Things will level out, and I know the incontinence is an issue. I have Larry's enlarged prostate with the same pills to deal with.


You have good friends and some are just involved with their families. We don't see Larry's friends much either, and even family has not come as much. The two you had come to the casino was really special.


Enjoy your holidays, and Debbie, do something just for you.



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Debbie :


I am so happy for Bruce that he has you by his side to figure out this medical mysteries. you are great caregiver.



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Great for Bruce and you at this time of the year. I enjoy Christmas making all the kids

happy with little presents from Santa Claus something I never got as a kid! We had no

money and could hardly eat much less buy things for Christmas!


It's great you and Bruce got it all worked out for the holidays! I'm still going one day at a time trying to enjoy each and every day that comes my way!


No holiday plans yet and probably won't make any just stay close to home for now and tend to my body!

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Hi Debbie, great that you got the meds sorted out. Yes, the hoildays are here. Dont worry, the people that turn up are the ones that should be there.


We are having people over for Thangsgiving, hubby does the cooking, and he enjoy's it. We are getting the turkey deep fry, this take some pressure of him. Who turns up great, who dont oh well, we going to have a fun time.



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