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It was a wonderful first anniversary weekend.


Mary Beth, niece Melissa and her friend Scotlynn came for the weekend. Friday night was almost like a year ago. So great fun.


Saturday we all went to lunch to celebrate niece Brittany's birthday with both brothers. It was the family favorite restaurant that sits right on the Housatonic River. Off to brother John's for a drink while the young'uns took a walk on the beach. Back up to our house for a light dinner and the top of the wedding cake.


Bruce and I decorated and put up the tree over the past week. We just decided we wanted to share some holiday time with them in case they did not get back here before Christmas. I was glad we had finished the shopping, so everything was ready to go home with both families, incuding a nice selection of our baked goodies. Have to finish up the cards this week.


The girls left this morning and Bruce and I enjoyed a quiet day - got the house back in order, laundry then a good movie. Nice dinner and the anniversary was just perfect. Debbie


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Happy Anniversary Bruce and Debbie. I'm glad you had your friends and family surrounding you for the celebration. Way to go!



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Debbie & Bruce :


Happy Anniversary to both of you. you both sounds so content & happy May you have many more fun filled years to celebrate.



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A very happy year too I might add! Good for you and Bruce with more to come around the curve. Nothing beats a very happy marriage especially for a survivor of a stroke and a care giver!


God is in the plan for your lives together as He has been in ours for the past 15 years! Ten of those years as stroke survivor and wonderful wife and care giver!


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Congrats, Debbie and Bruce, May you have many more. Please that you enjoy this time with family.

I know it has been hard, with "Mr.Stroke" beening a house guest. I know that it was hard at first, and it is always hard, but you both seem so happy,and contented, that is Great!


Wishing you both all the best




God bless

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