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Just another day



:) Monday, Gracie had an adoption party (it had been 2 years since she became a family member).


This week has been cooler, finally, and I did some yard cleanup (looks a bit better). I have more to do, of course.


The landlord and his wife came home from their trip and he is in the hospital - convenient that she is a nurse there. It is also good that they made it home before he was hospitalized - it would be awful to be stuck far away from home.


Gracie has been a snuggle bug at night getting under the covers against me and making 2 minute forays outside in the mornings because of the colder weather. A friend suggested a sweater for her but, any cat owner should know that won't work on a cat unless you want them immobile. lol


In other words....not much happening. I did decorate for Halloween....not a lot, just a couple things like a jack-o-lantern, fall flowers, and my tiny haunted pumpkin. No trick or treaters to worry about. Maybe next blog I will have more that has happened.


Take care all.


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I agree, a blog about nothing is a peaceful blog and means nothing dark and traumatic is happening. I'd love a snuggley cat like Gracie some time in the future.

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