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How to waste time and money



:hot: Friday, I received a phone call informing me it was time to renew my food stamps. I get food stamps (a whopping $15 a month) because I get medicaid to pay my medicare premium. Okay.....I went to the website our state provides for managing food stamp and medicaid programs and learned that my medicaid was up for renewal, too. I filled out the renewal forms, electronically signed them, and submitted them - done! No.....not done. Now, I'm told I have to call their number for an in-person phone interview (they used to call you).


You have to wait 24 hours before calling so, yesterday I called....and called and called. I started at 9:15 am and didn't quit until 5 pm. I was tortured by looping "music" (like a phone ringing) and "helpful" announcements about the programs. There is no operator so, the computer is in charge. I spent as long as 46 min. holding to as little as 22 min holding....no interviewer.


It's an 877 number but, I still have to pay for the minutes used for calls and it cost me $40 in minutes plus I had to buy more minutes to restock my phone! I have wasted the whole day plus the money to call them. All they will do if I get an interview is verify what I have already told them and signed off on. Arrrrgh!


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Hi Sally, I agree, dealing with the state or goverment, you have to be like Job!

After my stroke, we needed help, so my husband called, and was told call another number. It took two days before we got a "human", who knew nothing! So we called another number this took a whole day, before we got throught. To be told that we haded the wrong department! My husband said forget it his blood pressure was raisingLOL.


Hope you got it throught,



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I made one last ditch effort this morning and held for 67m42s. I finally got a live person who promptly disconnected on me!!!! I shall not call again - I will file a complaint/appeal in writing!

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I agree those electronic answering systems are horrible. They ask you why you are calling, you tell them and they say "I'm sorry I didn't understand, can you you repeat that"?. I always say "agent" or whoever so I can get a live person right away. That doesn't always work either.


Good luck,



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Jule....that only works if they give you that option. The numerical choice ones are even more frustrating and that's what this one is. My BP definitely rose when she disconnected before I had a chance to speak after all of that waiting, music, and annoyance! :(

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Nice thought Nancy but, I use a Tracfone (prepaid) so, there are no bills. If I had the other kind, it might not have cost me since it was an 877 (toll free) number. I prefer what I have and my cost is very low under normal circumstances.

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