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We lost last night but the Red Sox were determined to win. They have not had a World Series win in Fenway since 1938. Congratulations to Red Sox.


The leaves have turned and are beautiful colors of orange, yellow and red. It is raining here all day so I sad for the trick or treaters. I will put the candy out on the porch with a sign "please take 1" I cannot open the door as my cat will run out. Also, Larry will be in the family room and it is too far from the entrance unless he gets up every time. I hope they take the candy as i don't want leftovers.


I took Larry to the dermatologist yesterday for a full check and she took off a suspicious mole. It may just be pre-cancerous or nothing. We will know from biopsy in a week. I am a little paranoid since I had two removed from my face - one was Basel Cell and the other Melanoma. She didn't find any on Larry's face.


Larry has an appt. with his PCP tomorrow. We will talk about the meds and his lack of appetite and weight. He always remains the same weight even though he doesn't eat much. The Dr. put him on Ritalin this time but so far, no effect.


Larry told me yesterday "you take good care of me Julie". Nice to hear. : )


Happy Halloween





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Julie :


I feel caregivers are angels here on earth & I am so gld Larry is able to tell youhis appreciation for all you do for him & your family.



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Julie, my wife and daughter just came back inside from giving out goodies. My wife is tired from work until 6pm she came home!


The daughter don't want to be handing out goodies anyway. It's against her religion what ever that may be!! So much for Halloween this year!!


Julie, I guess I prayed pretty good for those Red Sox to win and that they did. It's been a many year since 1938, that was three years before I was in this world!!!

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I forgot to say yesterday that I tell my wife all the time I'm so proud of her the way she takes care of me and didn't leave me after the stroke!


I hate to read about breakups because of a stroke when the vows say For better or Worse, in sickness and in health, for richer or poorer!


God knows I tried all I could in my previous three marriages and it was their choice to leave me holding the bag. Then He sent my current wife from New Orleans to Texas and my life with the stroke has been great!


I feel so sad for the stroke survivor when the partner decides to end the marriage! That has to be a hurting feeling after a stroke for sure!

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I forgot to tell you our man Lenny is one happy and over joyed Fella since his Red Sox's won the World Series. He partied all night!

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I'm happy for Lenny. I was sure he would be celebrating.


Hope you find the help you need for your health issues Fred. Take care.



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hi Julia just wanted to say thakj you for the congratulations on my favorite team the red sox yes I was very very happy that the red sox is the winner of the world series and yes fred was right I parted all night and hopefully the red sox can have a repeat because I had so much fun parting I would love to do it again thank you fred for the prayers glad to hear that you are doing well fred

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