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Larry called me on his cell phone



The only thing is, I was in the house when he called. lol Saturday I told him I was going down in the basement to go through some Christmas decor to donate. I got a phone call and was on the phone for a few minutes. I came upstairs and Larry said "where were you?" He forgot I was in the basement. All he had to do was walk around, look down the basement and yell. We keep the basement door open for the cats. He thought I might have gone out. I never do that unless I tell him. I told him he needs to look around if he doesn't see me as I may have fallen. He said he looked in the office. So we both laughed when I checked my phone messages and it was Larry calling me.


Another time this past weekend I decided to get a hair cut. I can go and be back in 1/2 hour. I set Larry up with the ER necklace, urinal and his cell phone. When I came back, he was not in his chair but in the bathroom. He needed to make a BM and had a lot of trouble. I need to give him the Miralax more! I watch what he puts into his mouth and need to watch what comes out also!


I am having Thanksgiving on Friday so all the kids can come. My daughter is coming Tuesday after changing her reservations. She lives in Michigan and had made a mistake and made the reservations for this past week. I don't know if it was because Thanksgiving is earlier or she was just too busy. It cost her a lot to change.


Our granddaughter, Emily, is taking a Child Devepment class. She is in high school and they give them a "pretend lifelike baby" to take care of. She has already flipped out a few times when the baby cried in the middle of the night. lol She said she would be bringing "the baby" when she comes next week. I hope the cats don't freak out. They don't like little kids and especially crying babies. We didn't have those classes when I was in school. After I was married and pregnant, I relied on the old Dr. Spock book. Of course we did things all wrong then but got through it.


Larry is still struggling with swallowing and appetite problems. He has managed to gain a few pounds due to my "encouraging" and his supplements, etc. He is getting tired of the "Boost" and always tries to put it off saying he will drink it tomorrow. Today he said "you are stubborn" when I told him to take his time and drink it. I'm stubborn? I think he ownes that title. lol


It will be a busy week as I have company coming, a doctor appt., and a new mattress set coming. Why did I buy a new mattress at this time of the year?? The sale was good anyway and I put it off for so long.


The yard service finally came and got the rest of my leaves today. It will cost me, but I can't spend 3 hours each week raking and bagging. It was cold today also with a low of 15 last night.


Hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving, I thank God, my friends, family and StrokeNet and all I have.




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Jule, I tried Crestor on Bob but it gave him diarhea. Now he is on pravastatin and it constipates him. I give him a stool softener every night, and he is still somewhat constipated, but no bleeding hemoroids, at least. Yesterday I went out in the back with the dog, as I decided to put the ladder away and when I got ahold of it, the next thing I knew I was cleaning out the gutters. The leaves were frozen down in there, not an easy day for it. I was doing the ones in the back for about an hour, and when I went to take the ladder to the front, I saw Bob had got up and was peering into the back yard to see what happened to me. Poor thing, I was bad and didn't tell him, so he was worried. I did finish the ones in front, except where a big bush blocks. I had to cut a bush in the back to do that one, but this bush in front is scheduled to be yanked out soon, so figured I could wait.


I am lucky, my riding mower is a mulcher, so I just run over the leaves :)

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Julie, the good thing is that you know Larry can use the cell phone now. It would happen that way with me too I am sure. I used to call Trevor (when he lived here) and hear his phone ringing in his bedroom...lol. I was usually ringing to ask him to pick up something on his way home from work.


Constipation is one of those subjects that all caregivers find dominates their world from time to time. Do whatever your usual source of information, doctor, nurse, pharmacist etc advises you too and get help if you need it. It does affect the mood etc of the person with it and makes life unpleasant.


Leaves etc...my problem too at the moment because of our blustery winds....sigh.

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Well you just never know what is going through Larry mind when he does things but I feel it is the same as my mind. We know and still wonder.


Now Julie you may want to use less of the boost and give some Insure, bone and body I think on some days or constipation will occur. I take one Metamucil capsule about 5pm to be sure I can have a BM!

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