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National Cat Day




It's National Cat Day, and these cats have something important to say

4 days ago


Dear humans,

We can't help noticing that you left for work this morning without leaving a heaping pile of presents next to our food dishes. It also appears you forgot there are no dogs allowed today, and we had to lock them in the bathroom ourselves. We know you're busy with human things, like removing all the hair we painstakingly left on your pants. (Yeah. We know you do that.) But since today is the most important day of the year, we don't think it's too much to ask you to cancel everything and come home immediately. In case you've actually forgotten that today is our day, please refer to the photo gallery above.

See you soon. We'll be in the kitchen cabinet chewing through the side of the Doritos bag, since you also forgot to leave special treats on the counter.


The cats


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Yea, my dog told me about this yesterday because she now knows I got PTSD! See she knows I stop and show my papers to get her in the establishment with me no questions asked!


I got to introduce Princess to Gracie one of these days! She is probably not much bigger than Gracie with little short legs but can run real fast so I need the short leash on her when we are in the stores and out in public.

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We changed to regular time (CST) from Daylight Savings Time at midnight last night. The cats tried to wake me an hour early today. All day they have been mixed up. lol



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thank you for telling us - lucy and me - about her day. but really her day is everyday! and its pretty much everyday that I tell her how much I appreciate her.



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