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Another insurance debacle



Obamacare isn't the only screwed up system.....Georgia has a new system for food stamps & medicaid and it's a mess too - it even went offline.


On Oct. 25th I received a phone call to renew my food stamps online. I got to the site and learned my medicaid was due, too....so, I renewed both programs online. I was told wait 24 hrs and then call the 800 number for my phone interview. I did that, too. I could not get past hold from 9 am to 5 pm so, I called the next morning and after an hour got a human who promptly hung up on me. I had spent about $55 on phone calls and drew the line there....I wrote a letter to my last known rep.


Today - Nov. 4th - I received 2 letters from DCFS - one says they will call me at 10 am Oct. 25th (which would be after the first call telling me to renew online and over a week late for an interview). The second letter says I need to make a new appointment for an in-person interview which I cannot get to. OY! I responded to this person with a new letter.


There is a third letter telling me I need to renew my medicaid....which I did on the 25th!!


If only government (any gov.) knew what they were doing!!


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They seem as confused as we are lately. Lots of shake ups! They just switched Ray's Medicare Part D prescription company to Humana so tons of paperwork and confidentialty reports involved. Have to change his in home aide company too, I think I've finally settled on one and for a change, they seem very professional. I'm getting it all done, but very slowly. I feel like I'm swimming in molasses!

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i agree - i have never met a gov. person who when the veneer is scraped off .. knows anything about anything...believe me i worked in it... the few who actually knew what to do usually got eliminated ( seen it happen recently to the smartest court gal i ever worked with) she was smarter than her supervisor so they got rid of her... one year short of her retirement... real government like... JUST be sure you are keeping track of all you have been doing -- hmmmm this strokenet blog document would serve as a document of what all you have done... and the dates PROVEN... print this off and take it with you.... along with my quote to THEM --- from Nancy L " your a idiot" - this lady has enough to do without your ineptness !!!!!! get with the program !!

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