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Amazing Grace



I would not have believed this if I had not seen it...


Gracie jumped from the sink INTO the cupboard above opening the door in midair to enter it!


My cupboards are the same height as cabinets in houses, however, the latch on this one is broken so, it closes but, not locks. It was closed when she jumped and is filled with dishes.



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Gracie is in my views an amazing cat to have suffered such abuse by her previous owners. God sent you along to rescue her and give her a wonderful home.


He sent my current wife along to rescue me and bless her little pea picking heart she just paid our home mortgage off as we had five years left. She finally got the settlement from 2005 when her dad died during Hurricane Katrina. She gave her sisters and brothers their shares and we hope they don't waste it between the five of them.


Her mom passed three years ago so now both of us are without parents or grand parents. We are now the grand parents at 61 and 72 years of age although I feel more like 82, my how time flies by!

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