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Carolf Update



:D I just spoke briefly with Carol and she says she is doing great and "hi" to all. She was in the process of being moved to rehab. I will post more information when I get it so, keep checking back here.


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Sally :


thanks, I was wondering about her. so glad you were able to update us. tell her she is in our constant prayers & we miss her in our afternoon chats.





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:goodjob: She has been moved to the Pinecrest Rehab located in the same hospital (Delray Medical Ctr) and is in room 2040. The phone has not been connected yet.


For those who would like to send cards...5352 Linton Blvd

Delray Beach. Fl. 33484


or phone......561-498-4440


If you are not sure of her name - it is Carol Falcon

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:) I just talked to her....she is tired, scared, and lonesome. She has OT and speech therapy in the mornings and PT in the afternoon. They succeeded at stopping the aneurysm from popping and she hopes to be back home in a couple of weeks. She misses you all and thanks you for the prayers and love.


If you can, send her a card. It would mean a lot. If not....send an email to her at: sunflower021346@yahoo.com. A friend is monitoring her email for her. I passed on your messages.

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Hello Sally, thanks for keeping us updated on Carol. Iam pleased that they stopped her aneurysm from popping! I will keep on praying.



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There is now a blog entry where you can leave a message for Carol....called "For Carol". Please don't just read it....leave a get well wish, at least!

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