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Update on Carol



:) I just spoke to her and she says "Hi" to everyone. She is anxious to get home (aren't we all when we're in hospital), is tussling with the therapists (like we all do), is fighting off a couple infections she acquired and was glad to hear a friendly voice. They are keeping her busy with therapy (which helps fight off boredom).

She is looking forward to joining us on chat again. :)


For those of you wondering who Carol is.....Carolf or Shopgirl (as some of you may know her)....she is a regular on the afternoon chats.


You can post a message for her in the "For Carol" blog.


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Unfortunately I don't get to afternoon chats, the time difference between Australia and USA is 16 hours so it would be too early for me. But I do think of all who post here and in the forums and add them to my prayers when they are obviously in need.


Sally, we are all apt to neglect each other when our own life gets busy, sins of ommission as my minister used to call them, the things we "ought to have done". So I am glad you arejkeeping in touch with Carol on our beehalf, do tell her a lot of us are praying for her recovery..

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Guest hostwill


Sally, Thanks for the update on Carol, I'm sure she is in good hands and the therapy is going well too. Thanks again.


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