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Taking care of a stroke survivor is like being an astronaut and living on the moon with them.


It seems like all the "rules of life" are skewed...


Every day is possibly a new emergency...

(for example: spinning out of control in space with no tether after 1 small miss-step)


And just when I think we are together on this,

My survivor husband will get angry at some "invisible" slight

on my part towards him and get verbally loud


This new astronaut job is not what it is cracked up to be..


Hardest job I HAVE EVER HAD!


It taxes me like no other, I still feel the need for a better regular course

of action for day-to-day coping


The one good thing about all this,


I realize how much I love him no matter what and I see small things that show

he loves me back just as much if not more now..


I tell myself that this new "life on the moon" will eventually feel normal

even if just for the fact that life on earth would never be the same for us again.


Then the next day my husband tells me that I am the most wonderful wife ever and how did he every find me, and hugs me,

(one arm strong hug) and I try to remember these moments the most..


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