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Life on the moon...



Well, another day on the moon brings:

more stress, more fears, acting emotional, crying slightly, hoping to hold it all together for just one more day...


Something has gotta break,


I pray that tomorrow is better, easier, more normal, even-keeled, sorta happy, with blessings, and a good memory for my family.


Not giving up on this moon job,


guess I always did want to be an astronaut secretly,




astronaut life on the moon vs. caregiver for husband stroke survivor


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hey moonstone :


just hang in there, stroke affects whole family, but in my post stroke journey what I learnt is nothing lasts forever good times or bad times & sometimes it helps big time to take just one day at a time, sometimes just one moment at a time



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sure does feel like the moon some times ---- the best analogy i ever heard is the stroke person is in a forgien country and dont know the language, so they have to find alternate ways to communicate.... but the caretakers? hmmm the moon seems pretty good... nancyl

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It is just recently, 1 1/2 years after Bob's stroke, that I feel a sense of normalcy in our lives and feel like we HAVE lives, rather than just struggling to try to have a life one day.

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