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3D Carotid Cat Scan Study



Bob was sent to a vascular surgeon because his latest carotid ultrasound showed between 50-69% blockage on his GOOD side - the other side is 100% blocked from his stroke. So, the vascular surgeon ordered a 3D cat scan of his carotid, which is a more precise measurement. The test results showed under 50% blockage on the good side. No surgery necessary at this time, which carries it's own risk of a blood clot getting loose. WOOT! :jig:


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Fred, the problem they were looking at was not so much a clot getting to the brain, but the blood NOT getting to the brain, if the artery sealed off, as the other side is already 100% occluded.

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Ops! my thinking and typing got ahead of my thinking and reading what you said Sandy but you know at times I think of getting mine checked for blockage just in case because we just don't know how much could be blocked until we get checked.


My BP was too low yesterday causing my slow heart beat around 40-50 and that is slow! No more taking HBP meds until he calls me with the results of my blood test he took!

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My mother also has a very low heart beat, and blood pressure that swings from way too low to way too high. How do you take BP meds when your blood pressure is too low half the time?!?! It's difficult, but at least now she has a pacemaker, which did kick on the last time her BP went beserko!

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