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Carolf Update



:( A bad day. Poor Carol has been told they won't let her go home to live because she lives alone; that she has to go to a nursing home. Her assessment is tomorrow. She is in tears, of course. Don't say...it's best for her; it's devastating (I know). They pulled that same nonsense on me and I'm doing fine just like I told them I would. If you are going to say prayers, say them extra loud that she be allowed to go home.


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sally :


I just talked with carol & she mentioned that she was very upset about possible moving to nursing home, she was upset & talked with therapist & they told her she will be going to skilled nursing home where she will be able to get more therapy. So she was bit less anxious about it



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I will pray for th right thing to happen for carol... i learned with dan - a good nursing home can be a good thing in terms of rehab... i fought so hard against it for dan , but the reality was the nursing home by far had better rehab for dan.. so sometimes it is not as it appears to be-- i pray that for carol - that this is a blessing in disguise.. nancyl

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I just saw a lady whom i knew had had very serious health problems, and she couldn't walk and her children were told she had 2 weeks to live. W


ell she went to a nursing home, got therapy and 9 months later she was baking cookies and serving tea at an open house!

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Beanna....you made a good point. The "professionals" do not know what they are dealing with. Some of us are stronger and more determined and won't curl up and "die". I had to demand my release or I would still be in the last rehab center program....and I have been doing better than fine for 9 months. My pleasure was saying "na-na-na-na" to the biggest vote against me.


I talked to Carol after writing the update and she had walked 30 steps on her own (remember she is one of our wc people) plus was getting in and out of bed by herself. She is a strong, determined woman and we will get her home. She is determined to show them that she can handle living at home. I will post a new blog later after talking to her today....it's assessment day.


Asha....please keep calling her. She looks forward to any contact with friends...it get lonesome and scary in there all alone. The rest of you can keep praying for her to make it home.

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I will keep praying for Carol and wishing the best in her recovery. I know Larry hated the SNF but he was kicked out of the acute rehab center after 4 weeks due to Medicare rules. The SNF had good therapists even tho the nursing staff was not up to par. The extra therapy helped both of us prepare for his home coming. It sounds like Carol is stronger than Larry was at that time. When he came home we had the most wonderful home therapy team which helped both of us. I was a "basket case" trying to care for him at home, installing grab bars, getting his meds, doctor appts., etc. We needed all the help we could get and he was still in a WC at that time.



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Just talked with Carol. She is still worried but, encouraged after our conversation. Her friends are all doing their best to help her....one handling the where she will go and medicare/medicaid, others (like me) information and support. Asha....keep calling her in the evenings. Her assessment went well.


Keep up the prayers.

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