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Good news-bad news



My problem with the state and food stamp renewal is over...I am renewed for another year. Now, I hope my medicaid paying my medicare premium goes as well. My problem with medicare part D has been resolved, too. I can keep using my pharmacy but, they won't be preferred until "next year" (whatever they mean by that...2015?) :)


Meanwhile, my driver has been problematic and this morning when I called her to suggest a late start tomorrow due to cold weather, she wanted MORE money! She is already overpaid! :( I told her "no" and called a contact to start finding a new driver. Here's hoping I can find one quickly....fingers crossed.

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Hi , Sally, please that the food stamps issuse is solved. Hope you get a driver who will work with you


So I called Carol last night, and it was a blessing for both of us. She was so please to hear from me, and she is so thankfully that you and Asha had been calling..Plus she was praying for everyone on strokenet! Bless her.

It made me see what a phone call can do. Today i had been calling my Aunties and friends, they were so please to hear from me



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