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Kim And The Golf Tournament



I just got off the phone with Kim in Alabama!


I'm making my airline reservations in the morning!


I'm going to the Strokenet Golf Tournament in Alabama, even though I don't golf!


I am SO excited - a weekend with Kimmy is going to be a blast!


I'll help her with the tournament, the raffle, and anything else she needs!


It's going to be my first vacation in 7 years!


I've been told I'm not allowed to come home with a drawl or big hair!


I'm ending each sentence here with an exclamation point and I know I shouldn't but, I'm really looking forward to the weekend!


We are going to have so much fun while raising money for the best place to be - Strokenet.


Do you golf? Do you want to participate in some way?

Do you have a raffle prize to donate? PM Kbrasher or Vmoran


Beer-Chug.gif This is going to be one heck of a good party!!!


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Sounds like fun. Have a good time. I wished I still golfed, I used to really enjoy getting in big charity golf tournaments.

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WAIT A MINUTE ... I just had a brilliant idea!!!


Lots of you guys are so talented! I know we have quilter's and knitter's and woodworker's out there! Writer's and poet's and painter's and antique collector's!


If you all want to create and donate a "one of a kind" piece of yourself - we'd have the best auction/raffle ever!


PM me if you want to be a part of this! I'll pick up shipping costs on anything you want to send! (except Jean's gas station pump's - lol - they're too dam* heavy)


Anything that doesn't go at Kim's tournament, can go to an online auction!


I haven't been "creative" since the stroke - but, I have a jacket from the "Daily Show" signed by Jon Stewart that I'm donating ....


Think about it, please! We could do so much good here!

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i look forward to our fun as well!!!!! also, what about your ASKING me to get you "big hair"? jerry doesnt have to know, you can have "big hair" while you're here!!! DONT' WORRY, it will wash out!!!!!!!! lol

thanks to anyone and everyone who would like to help in anyway!!!!!!!





p.s. if you actually COME here, it is on saturday september 17, 2005. you will definately be invited to a cook out the following sunday, it'd be "unsouthern" not to feed my guests!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




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I don't think I could lose weight, get toned and grow big hair by September 17th. Can we change it to the 18th instead?

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