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Talk about stress....



No, I wasn't stressed out because I almost landed in the blog pit of page two.


I have to fire Amy today and that's stressing me out.


I've done everything I can in the last 6 months to make this work for her. I've even sold stuff and given her the sale so she can get commission on it.


She's just not doing anything. What's sad is she was my brothers friend. She's really a great kid and I feel so bad to have to tell her it's just not working out.


You would think after 6 months, she'd be looking for something more profitable, but, she's living off "Daddy" - so at least here she can say she's employed.


She's chasing her dream of being a stand - up comedian. And she works for free at the comedy club evenings and weekends. Occasionally they let her perform, but she's not that funny.


I have to tell her today that she's cost the company too much money to let things continue this way. And I can't keep doing her work for her. I have enough of a hard time keeping up with my own.


My parent's are Chicken ****'s to fire her because they don't want to "Hurt her feelings" ..... So I'll do it.

But, I'm not happy about it.


And it is stressing me out, I feel responcible - in some strange motherly way - for her. And I wonder if I didn't actually try my best to train her?


In a way - Amy's looking so bad made me look like "wonder woman", coming back from the stroke and still outselling all the sales staff.


I'm not "Wonder Woman' though - and why the hell am I trying to justify firing her in a blog?

It's pathetic that I'm wrestling with this. It's not like I haven't fired people before, a year ago this wouldn't have been an emotional issue for me.


I've turned into a freaking marshmellow!!!




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you are NOT a marshmellow!!!!!!!!! you, unlike most, have a heart!!!!!

when i was a general manager for a restaurant, i had to fire people ALL of the time. i hated it. the owner wouldn't do it. so, i developed a "routine". i never flew off the handle and yelled CLOCK OUT!!!!! during a shift, unless they were Drunk or "cracked up" and many times i knew they were single mothers and i really liked them. BOTTOM LINE, they were not doing their job and had'nt been for some time.


after their shift, i called them into my office. told them the POSITIVE things they had done, and sometimes i REALLY had to dig ( lol), then i would say" this is hard for me, but i feel it is time that you and the restaurant part ways. i have made the decision after much thought, and my decision is final. you are a good person, but are not cut out for this business. it's hard work, and long hours, i understand". i will give you a nice personal reference, and i wish you nothing but the best".


this usually did the trick. vicki, most people KNOW when they aren't performing to standard and will get away with it for as LONG AS YOU LET THEM!!!!!!! yeah, i had a few rough ones who didn't want to let go, but they were few and far between. with this approach, you are treating them with dignity, while remaining steadfast in your decision, and that's the best you can do.


my best



been there done it

p.s: once i fired my cousin's wife. Sob.gifSob.gif

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Sometimes getting fired is the best thing that can happen to a person. They might not think so at first but it often works out that way. She may get her head out of the clouds and apply herself to the next job or seriously apply herself to trying to be a stand - up comedian and get that out of her system and/or fool everyone and actually make it. You hear stars say that all the time---that getting fired was a turning point in their lives. So, don't feel responsible or bad for doing what you have to do. Six months is long enough!!!!!




P.S. So if you get a new employee, does that mean I might get my plaque someday? biggrin.gif


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Oh Jean - if I can keep an employee that will actually work!!!!


Our head engraver left today to "find himself" - he want's to join a commune in New Mexico!!! I'm going to have to learn how to engrave again - and I suck at fractions - crap, I have trouble telling time unless it's digital!!!


I couldn't fire Amy today because she had "appointments" with "clients" all day, (although I've told her more than once they aren't a "client" until they buy something!!!!)


Don't worry - you'll get your plaque and it'll be nice - (ask Cinder!) - sorry I can only "donate" once a quarter but, I'll make sure they all go out this week! And I'll send tracking numbers!


And I'm really not whining but - Does anyone under 30 know how to work anymore!!!???



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