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The receptionist with a medical degree



I had a headache today. No - it was a screaming blue meanie HEADACHE!

The kind that brings tears to your eyes and makes you want to hit yourself with a hammer so it doesn't hurt so bad! I called the Dr to get advice but, he and the nurse were at lunch. I did get a very professional opinion from the receptionist .... don't wear your hair in a ponytail. So now I know what caused my stroke!!! The ponytail - lol



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I sometime get bad heache or toothache because of hair band which compresses certain partof vein, so even my hair goes haywire I never wear hairband



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LAUGH IF YOU WILL VICKI, AND I AM IN NO WAY MINIMIZING YOUR REAL PAIN, but::..... when i dressed up like magenta at the rocky horror picture show once with my sisters, i wore a headband. by the time we left i was crying with a SEVERE headache. my sis stopped at a convenience store and bought an array of pain relievers. while she was in the store i happened to pull theband off of my head and EUREKA, PAIN COMPLETELY LEFT.


SO, IF YOU AREN'T WEARING ANYTHING LIKE THAT, OF COURSE GET IT CHECKED OUT. BUT IF YOU are, take it off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




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Back in the 70's or maybe it was the 80's when that severe pull all your hair straight back into a ponytail was instyle..... you know the one I mean, when if you were sucessful, your face was pulled so tight it looked like you had experimented with Botox on your face? You know what I mean, headaches always resulted when I wore my hair that way.


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Ok Ladies, I'm up at 5:45 in the morning (Is it morning yet???) to do my hair.


If you all think the ponytail could have caused the headache, I won't wear them anymore. I honestly thought the receptionist was a kook - but, I believe you guys!


Kim - I'm laughing just thinking of you as Magenta!

Pam - I could never get my hair so tight that it would help the wrinkles - damn it!

Asha - I'm throwing all my headbands out too!


Thanks you guys!

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I didn't want to comment until I knew if you were a "rubberbander" and now that I know you are I'll speak. "Ruff, Ruff"---a joke, don't ask me how I got so punchy this early in the day. Anyway, the girls up above are right. Doctors have been telling people that for years.


I sort of have a similar thing in reverse. There is a certain place just behind my ears that if I wear my eye glasses on top of my head so that the ends touch that place, it has a calming effect on my moods. I noticed this years ago when I used to wear one of those plastic headbands that ends behind your ears. But women over a certain age look a little stupid with that syle headband so I started getting the same effect with my glasses. People, laugh if you want but for me it works.



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