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The Reunion



Sunday is my Mother's Family reunion - Her father was the baby of 16 children, and she has 181 first cousins. I don't know how many cousins I have but, there's a small town in Illinois and I wasn't allowed to date anyone that lived there! If you are Italian, we're probably related on my Mothers side. My parents thank God everyday that I married an Irishman.


Over 500 cousins are expected for this reunion. My first cousin Laurie, and second cousin Dirce, have put this all together. I haven't seen most of these people since our last reunion, when I was 7 years old. We're "taking over" Independance Grove in Libertyville, Illinois. It was either that or a convention hall I guess.


I really don't want to go - I've already had lots of emails - "tell me about the stroke, will I have one?" kind of things - and these people don't know me from Adam. I can't imagine answering all the questions. I'm going just to show them I survived... I'm not dead yet, and my brain still works, even if my body will never do gymnastics again.


Why didn't I pay attention in Algebra? - I thought I'd never use it but, I could use some "PI equals the sum of all things square to the third power" right now. Something to prove I didn't lose my mind, I just had a stroke.


My uncle Mario (no - we have no Guido's in the family, I know that's what you were thinking) had a stroke in the 1960's. They are comparing me to him. Different age (he was 84,) different time period, different person.


My mother got an email from one of the cousins "blessing her" - "it's a family business and Vicki is so lucky that the family will take care of her" - Screw that cousin especially! Without my sales, the "family business" doesn't make salary's!!! My job is not a "gimme" thing.


Ok - I'm venting. I would rather spend my Sunday cleaning the bathtub and doing laundry than go to this reunion. However, some very wise people in chat made me realize, I'm not going to this thing for me.


I'm going for every survivor on this board and every caregiver too! I'll show them because my brain was damaged - it doesn't mean I am. Does that make sense?


And Cindy, Jean, Michael, Phyllis, etc. I'll bring you home some virtual "fritella" - you'll love it!


Love you guys - thanks for the support!!






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Guest lwisman


Slaying stereotypes is a worthy endeavor. There are far too few who have correct images of stroke. More power to you Vicki! wank.gif

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