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Lest it is forgotten



Halloween is not followed by Christmas and everything is not food, gifts, and merriment. There is a day called Thanksgiving when we should all show our gratefulness for what we have. We should do that everyday but, let us not forget that one day a year is not just about the food but, our appreciation of it and all else in our lives.....our families, fortune, friends, freedom, and that our needs are met.


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I completely agree sally. Being from different part of world I always find it weird to celebrate thankgiving. I feel you should be thankful every day for all you have including your friends & family.



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Sally: my Mom became disabled about 19 years ago. She moved back up here with all of her charming (LOL) children. But the one holiday she loved was Thanksgiving. I won't bore you with the details of her reason for this. But we always went to my sister's in New Hampshire - truly "Over the river".


The year she passed, she was here with Bruce and I. We had to bring everyone here. She was up with Bruce at 4am - supervising the cleaning and stuffing of the Turkey. A memory even post-stroke that he cherishes and speaks about often, especially this time of year.


Thank you for reinforcing what is already a priority here. Today he had to iron the tablecloth - same one he bought for her so many years ago. Debbie

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I was raised up the son of Farmers and share croppers who always gave thanks for the crops that produced food for the tables of many people. Thus, thanksgiving was shared by all poor families from long time ago!


Sally I agree with you all the way and I have lived the life since 1941! Giving thanks to God for all we ever

had all our lives!

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Agree Sally, so well put. Iam from England, but love thanksgiving. My husband gets everyone to say one thing they are thankful for! He comes from a large family so times were hard, but his Mom and Dad made things happen, so the kids were very thankful. To me, times have change, the kids of today take everything for granted.!



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