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Another reason I will feel thankful



I have made good friends on Strokenet and one of them put me in contact with some good people here, where I live. I have been able to let my driver go (shame it's just before the holidays but....) because I now have the help I need at a cost I can afford. My driver was greedy and even though already overpaid, wanted more money while being unreliable. I am grateful for Strokenet, for my friend, and for my new friends that I have just met. It will be a Happy Thanksgiving for me. :)


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I'm glad to hear you have a new driver and with good terms. How were you able to find her? I ask, because it's possible we will all need to find one at some time.

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Sally :


I am so happy for you, happy thanksgiving to you in advance. in life one never know how one's your path crosses with right people at right time. god works mysterious way




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I don't know why it is that some people will try to get you for all the money they can

and want you as their friend too! I was so glad I got my drivers license back soon after I was walking and didn't need a driver!

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