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Thankful and Carol



I am doing fine, Gracie is doing fine, and my friends are doing fine....a lot to be thankful for. My newest "friends" are lovely people and I have no serious complaints....for now, life is good. It will be a "Happy Thanksgiving" in spite of what I miss...I have so much. :)


As for Carol....I talk to her constantly. She will do fine if she can keep depression away. She is making progress and is getting very good care. She has good friends and will be back before she or we know it. She says hello and thanks and is looking forward to being able to chat again. Think of her while you gobble your dinners and think about how lucky you are to be at home instead of in a hospital.


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You know in my mind we as survivors have to make the best of our lives as we possibly can each day and night!


Happy Thanksgiving to you!!

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I didn't know Carol but I called out her name to God for His blessings in her life and prayers for you in caring for her well being and bless your kind heartiness.

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