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:) Just spoke with her and she sounded more hopeful, again. She is able to walk a few steps at a time with help and is trying to get stronger. She hopes to use their computers on Monday to read her email and maybe get on chat. They keep her busy with therapy which tires her so, we will see. Her review for discharge is sometime in the next week and she will most likely be transferred to another rehab for more therapy to get her ready to go home. Cross your fingers and say your prayers.


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Yeah Carol! Good to hear she is progressing Sally. With Ray and his many strokes I had to put a smile on my face and take on the cheerleader position every time. It was very hard on him but he managed for 22 years from his first stroke with many set-backs. I am sure your support of Carol is much appreciated. Tell her she is also in my thoughts and prayers.

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Sally :


you are true angel. I always thought in virtual world if you go out of sight no one will ever remember me, so I m so greatful that we have people like you who will keep in touch with our virtual friends. I also talk with her every few days & have told her to let us know new rehab facility number when she does move






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