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Vision of a stroke survivor



I have visions and I'm soft in the head, I've actually become smarter and more focused post-stroke.


All strokes are immediately diagnosed via the tri-corder into ischemic vs. haemorrhagic. In the ambulance.

Then those suitable for tPA are serviced with magnetic nanoparticle tPA that is directed to the exact spot of the blockage via magnets. And since tPA has an appalling 12% efficacy rate we go directly to the stopping of the neuronal cascade of death has been identified with some of these 31 things contributing to this.

Specific dead and damaged neurons are helped via angiogenesis, neurogenesis, arteriogenesis, stem cells and scaffolding.

The leftover disabilities are helped by the protocols that address exactly how neuroplasticity causes neighboring neurons to help those in need.


The complete vision includes almost 100% recovery for every survivor.

I see no reason this can't be accomplished. There is enough research out there for most of this already.

My 4600 posts can be used as a template for what needs to be done and researched to meet this goal. I challenge the WSO to do better, they have plenty of PhD.s that should know more than me.

All stroke survivors questions will be answered via personalized responses to the stroke knowledge database. This will be completely different than the crap answer the National Stroke Association provided to this question.

' What therapies are available for spasticity?' 'This question falls under our organizational guidelines as a medical inquiry and we defer to the medical community to respond. '


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Ironically - the Ntl stroke assoc. has been in contact with me looking for feedback.... ummm i had nothing good to say either.. no advice , no help, no "reaching out" nothing untill about 2 yrs post stroke - sorta digging for a donation, and a signature. The only practical places i have received any actual help is strokenet , and a couple not for profits.. ndad here in nd who would have helped with care costs ( did not end up needing it) and another place called HERO which resells medical equipment for very little and or free if needed... thats it.. and i am a digger . I even asked the Ntl stroke Assoc. directly - What they do in terms of real hands on direct care assistance.. answer- refer you to referal agencies-- are you kidding me.. ?? my own little caveat to what i have learned which hasent been much... but i appreciate your blog link and in future sleepless nights will be reading up -- so thank you... in MN how far are you from elk river approx ?

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Dean: I have so missed you. And am so glad you checked in. I see you lurking and am just thankful that you still consider us family and are so willing to help all of us.


I know I can advocate for my Bruce and only pray that somehow I am heard. But in all fairness, I need his needs taken care of first.


But in your honor, I will say, Bruce has a new Physiatrist. And Dean, we loved his Physiatrist, but we were passed on to the new guy. Mainly, I am sure, in that Bruce did not Inpatient Rehab at their facility. It is not money. We have private paid for anything Bruce has needed that is not covered by Insurance. And a lot of it - thank you sir - things that I have learned here and further investigated independently. But Dean, I have someone who takes the time to ask and listens. So you Rock On. We have an appointment next Monday and that question should be right in his field - would you say? Will let you know.


Again, on a personal note, hope you are well and happy. Life is moving forward, you are seeing to yourself. Debbie

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Dean, i have read your blog, and you are great After my stroke, I had two doctors, who got into it with themself, with out side and never came back! I got no rehab, no home visit, nothing. Told good luck after nine days.

Since I had no insurance, I was on my own. I did get a call from Ntl, my daughter explain what was happening, she was told to call this number which was in our area, and they be able to help us. This as been three years! Never mind , they get back to me soon LOLThank goodness for strokenet!


Dean, keep on doing what you are doing, look after yourself.



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Dean, thanks for coming back and blogging again. You always have new insights to offer. I have learned a lot form your blogs myself. I wish it had happened earlier in Ray's stroke journey but know a lot of it will help others. I agree: You Rock.

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