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1 million views of my blog - Deans' Stroke Musings



And it only took 4 years 1 month. www.oc1dean.blogspot.com

I like having my own blog where I can say completely outrageous things like the entire stroke medical world is f-bombed up, and then prove it by pointing to research they should be following. This does not meet Dale Carnegies book, 'How to Win Friends and Influence People'. I will need someone else to play the good cop.



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I only post on here and now on a widowed site.  My blog here, with 625 entries has had 3019 comments and 143,202 views. As it can be viewed by anyone who comes on looking for help with stroke information whether they be survivors, caregivers, family and friends I hope some of them have found it helpful.


Keep up with the good work Dean, both on Blogspot and on here.  I've always appreciated the research you do and the time you put into it.



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I second Sue's post to keep posting.  There is so much to be learned and we do not always hear much from the doctors who try to care for us.



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Dean: you know you rock my world. I could not have gotten through all this without you! And you know that.


You keep on pushing. Someone is going to listen - that I know! We all need heroes and you are mine. Debbie

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