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I Lost My Oldest Sister Earlier Today



Well as we all know nothing about death is ever planned by any of the family members and in this case it caught us totally by surprise. I was able to get to the hospital to see her on yesterday for a while. She was hooked up to many machines so she never knew I was there in her room on my scooter! This morning all of her children had made it to her bedside.


They are waiting now for the funeral home to come to the hospital and pick up her body. I have no information on the funeral services at our church yet nor where the burial will be at this time! Her passing leaves one sister and two brothers still living of my mothers 18 kids she had over a 28 year period of having children and not working outside the home!


I'm number 18 but I must say 12 of her kids died shortly after their births up to six months of age I was always told! None were born in a hospital

setting, all at home by a midwife! There were no incubators to use where some may have lived!


She rode to church with me every Sunday so I feel God called her name to come home with Him at 83 years of age. Perhaps I shall see her again on the other side as we bid her farewell! on this earth.


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It is so hard to lose a loved one, and out of the blue is hard to actually believe when it happens. You are right, you will see her on the other side, your faith will take you thru this crisis. In the meantime, you have the love & prayers of your friends and family - and you know we all fit in that group of friends!

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Fred: I am so sorry for your loss. You have spoken so fondly of her over the years. She was so much a part of your life in these post stroke years. And Fred, for that you must be so happy you had that time with her. Please know you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. Debbie

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Guest lwisman


Condolences to your Fred. Remember the good times. She had many innings!


Take care,


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Sorry for your loss Fred, take care of yourself. I kow you will support others in their grief and you need to stay strong for that.Yes, you will see her in the time to come.

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This info is added about my sister & the services schedules of events: Tuesday is viewing the body at the funeral home 11am for 2 hours!


Wednesday is church funeral services @ 11am, Mount Zion Mission Baptist Church 417 S.13th St Temple, Texas 76504


Burial follows in Navasota,TX next to our mother after the services at church!!


Thanks for your prayers and caring for the loss of my sister!

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Fred it is hard to lose a loved one but the one thing we have is the hope that we will one day see them again! Prayer for you and your family.

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fred, i am so sorry to hear this sad news. i'm sure she was very special to you. my condolences go out to you and your family. after the loss of our parents, siblings become very special and close to us. i'm sure you will miss her with you in riding to church. take care of yourself, memory's of her will help you through this difficult time.



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Many thanks to each one of you and may God bless you and your families daily!!


Her funeral is 11am tomorrow (Wednesday) at our church and burial will follow in her plot near our mother and other family members back to 1700 century.

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